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Esport Betting in 2024: A Survival Guide

In 2024, it isn’t a big of a surprise that esport betting is on the rise. Keeping that in mind, we’ve prepared the fullest guide for those interested in how to bet on esports without any difficulties.

When it comes to the basics of e-sports betting, you should be aware that this industry is relatively new, which is exampled by the freshness of digital competitions as a whole. In case you’ve always wanted to place esport bets but struggled with what platform to choose or how to handle the deposit procedure, you’re lucky enough to be on this page.

We, the true geeks of betting on esports, have compiled everything you might ever need to know about esports bets in modern realities. In our featured review, we will assess the best websites to bet money on esports as well as the esports wagering nuances, which should be obvious for punters. So, let’s not get too distracted from betting on esports since it is our main area of focus.

Esports betting

Once you understand that your beloved CS:GO, Dota 2 or Overwatch streams on Twitch are lacking something, you should realize that this ‘something’ is esports betting. Regardless of whether you tried those services before or what is your prior knowledge in the domain of esport bets, you should read on to get acquainted with this industry together with us.

Best Platforms for Betting on Esports

Once you realize that glorying for your team is not enough to fulfill your interest during the matches, esports betting might be a driver for recharging your batteries. First things first, you should get a basic understanding of what are the best esports betting sites and how to access them. In that case, you should be ready to hear that there is no best esport betting site because all of them offer unique deals and promotions to gamblers.

If you have come to a certain point when you distinguish the differences between esports betting sites, that means you’re a pro. As for now, be sure to get acquainted with the list of the most reputable esports match betting websites, as follows:

  • Betway;
  • Unikrn;
  • Pinnacle;
  • GG.Bet;
  • Cyberbet.

Although some of those titles of esports betting sites might already be familiar to you, others serve to be the hidden gems of our industry. While some of the aforementioned platforms advertise themselves as live esports betting sites, others prone to be more straightforward by offering regular betting on esports.

In that case, you shouldn’t obsess your mind too much and just stick to one of the most reputable domains enlisted above.

Real Money Esports Betting and Tournaments

Although it is technically possible to try some demo versions or other trial variations, a real interest emerges only by emphasizing the value of your funds. Contrary to the opinion of some self-proclaimed experts, the market of real money esports betting is growing faster than ever before!

Esports betting games

If you’re a newbie in the field of esports betting, you should stick to the discipline, which matches your gaming tastes and preferences. As a rule, most esport online cash betting websites will accept your funds on one of the following disciplines:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Dota 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • Starcraft II;
  • Overwatch;
  • Hearthstone.

Although this list is not limited only to those titles, your decision to bet money on esports should still take this list into consideration. In terms of a bet on esports, we commonly advise you to proceed with formal registration, choose an appropriate payment method, and get to know how esports match betting works on your own example. That means that your intention to bet money on esports should be accompanied with some dull, yet important requirements in terms of functionality.

So, you should choose esport online cash betting only if you fully understand how this system works with all the pertaining details. Lucky news for those who bet money on esports is that all online platforms now offer straightforward and easy registrations, which can be completed in the blink of an eye!

Is Esports Legal in Canada?

Here comes one of the most peculiar parts for Canadian punters. The question of whether esports match betting is legal in Canada requires proper attention to all the details, specifications, and nuances. We did our best to analyze the results of Web research, and we were not that surprised that punters typed something like “esports betting legal?” in their search engines. Simply put, Canadians are free to try esports betting once they turn 18. Yet, the situation with betting on esports in Canada is really complicated, eventually forcing us to shed light on it in a bit more detail.

When it comes to the complicated restrictions imposed on the gambling industry in Canada as a whole, esports gaming bets are in the middle of the endless debates regarding the state jurisdictions. Basically, gamblers might only use a narrow list of the certified and closely regulated esports match betting websites, which are literally absent in some of the Canadian provinces. Luckily for Canadians, the bets are possible in terms of esports wagering on countless offshore esports bets platform.

What stands out the most in the entire situation with Canada is that gamblers are free to choose any esports betting legal platform that operates overseas. Remember the table with the best sites to bet on esports, which we located on the top of our guide? Just skim through it in order to find your own beloved platform in the world full of (offshore) offers of placing real fu on digital sports.

How to Deposit?

Another crucial question that might be intimidating for all the newbies is where to land a bet on esports. Even if you have already made your mind about a preferred esport bets website, you should be ready to top up your game balance. Haven’t we described how to do it properly?

Real money Esport Betting

Any esports online betting website will require you to create your personal account in order to trace the information about your account history. After that, esports bookmakers require you to link a specific payment method to your game account. With its help, you would be able to both replenish and withdraw your funds. Universally, you can choose from a wide range of payment methods, including debit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies.

Once you make your mind on the preferred payment method, you are free to bet on esports matches, leagues, and tournaments. Now, when you’re an expert on how to handle the official procedures pertaining to esports bets, you are recommended to assess the esports wagering requirements, which might be accessed on any platform. We hope that our brief guide allowed you to understand in detail where to place wagers and how to handle its official procedures, registrations, and deposits.

And What About Bookmakers?

Often we are asked too much of where is it possible to access esports bookmakers and what is their difference from the online sites. Now, it is the right time to open you the biggest secret in our industry. There’s literally no difference in calling those platforms esports bookies or esports bookmakers. The crucial point is that all of them offer the same esports betting services, which amaze thousands of punters across the globe. For Canadians, the complicatedness of the legal provisions is a crucial driver for turning to the offshore sites for esports bets. Modern bookmakers often merge with casino online, so you can bet on thousands of events and gamble as well. In case you’re looking for a domain to satisfy your passion for wagering on esports, you should definitely try searching for the top-notch platforms with unprecedented reputation and status, such as Unikrn, Pinnacle, or even Betway.

Also, it is worth noting that the websites that offer esports bets have their own terms and conditions when it comes to bonuses and special deals. That means that you might receive some extra cash for topping up your game balance with a specific deposit amount. Even though these bonuses are usually insignificant, they significantly simplify the onboarding for beginner gamers. So, you better not forget about those offers in the middle of making a choice of your preferred platform.

Esports Online Sites in Canada!

Alright, we should reveal that Canadian gamblers are really picky in terms of choosing esports online betting websites. Presumably, such an attitude is caused by the inability of the most gamblers to place esport bets on the platforms of their own state. Keeping that in mind, we might recommend you some of the websites for esport online cash betting available to Canadian gamblers interested in this industry.

All of the aforementioned platforms are efficiently used by the thousands of Canadians who are fond of making esports betting legal in their state. So, these live esports betting sites offer the most comprehensive recollection of games, titles, and tournaments, accompanied by pleasant coefficients and deposit offers.

In case you are a Canadian fan of esports betting, you are free to stick to any of the listed platforms. Since right now, esports online betting platforms in Canada that would be licensed by the provincial governments are inaccessible, most gamblers make use of their funds on Canada esports betting platforms outside of the country. What an irony! Once you make your mind on esports online betting, kindly visit one of the websites recommended above, which have proven their consistency and excellence over time.

Why You Should Bet on Esports Games ?

If all of the previously mentioned arguments were not convincing enough for you to visit those esports gaming bets sites, you should definitely read the article once again! The crucial point is that esports betting sites offer next-level entertainment and atmosphere, which corresponds to the needs of gamers and stream fans.

If you have always wanted to place your funds in order to boost the appeal of a specific tournament, you are on the right side! In case you’re looking for a place for betting on esports, just check our list located at the top of this page. There, you will be able to place esports gaming bets to skyrocket the quality of the next tournament broadcasted during your beloved Twitch stream evening.