A Breakdown of Call of Duty 2 Betting Options

Call of Duty is a famous first-person shooter game franchise which was established by Activision. It is available on many sportsbooks and playable on most handhelds especially PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you have to bet on Call of Duty 2, know the form of teams involved as well as their coherence. It is important to understand the first-person shooter strategy. Good advice is to play the game beforehand. It doesn’t have to be a competitive match or a multi-player game, the idea is to get acquainted with the basics as you analyze the betting odds.

Besides learning the basics of Call of Duty esports betting, an experienced bettor examines the teams and their past encounters. It is advisable to bet on those teams that have shown greater prowess in previous matches. When considering whether to support a team or not, find out how the team cooperates. You can check eSports live streams on Call of Duty 2 tournaments. That way, you will be in a position to determine whether or not their coherence is satisfactory.

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Types of Call of Duty Bets

The five main types of markets are as follows:

  1. Outright: it is also called the futures market bet which is wagered on the outcomes of a tournament as opposed to a single match. Your bet could be a team that will get to the finals or the region from which a winner emerges.
  2. In-play: This is a live bet, which is wagered at the onset of a match. It focuses on a certain aspect of the match
  3. Money line: This involved individual matches. It simply states which team will beat the other. The Call of Duty 2 odds, in this case, reflects the potential strength of a team depending on the bookmaker’s
  4. Special: Like the name would lead you to believe, this is a specialized bet that involves specific events e.g. map winner, the total number of kills, exact scores, etc.
  5. Accumulator: It is also referred to as the accumulator bet which consists of multiple individual bets, which when win, make up a huge payout. For instance, if you wager two $5 on teams for the first round, your total profit will be added with respect to the betting odds of each team

Good, Bad and Fractional Call of Duty Betting Odds

Fractions are the most popular formats of Call of Duty odds. They are determined by bookies and they represent the possibility of a particular event occurring. They also dictate the payout that the player gets. For example, 1/9 odds means that for every $9 placed as a bet, $1 is paid out (bad/unfavoured odd). On the other side, 9/1 means that a bet of $1 yields $9 (good/ favored odd). To calculate the winnings, the number is multiplied by the stake e.g. if you wager $4, you will win 9 x $4 = $36

How to maximize the winning potential

There are several factors you should consider if you want to be a successful Call of Duty 2 bettor.

  • Learn the game and the teams you are betting on
  • Bet objectively and selectively
  • Know the team form
  • Specialize in a particular genre or game
  • Don’t bet on major tournaments alone

After making your due diligence with regards to the esports odds, determine the type of bets you want to make. Often, Call of Duty bets come as single bets i.e. you predict who will win a match. Normally, short odds are offered in case there’s a highly favored team. The game is not one of the most lucrative so you need to bet a huge amount of money to win big. If you risk big, you are more likely to win big.

Remember that tournament bets are available too. Here, you bet on the team that is likely to lead in the tournament. Also, you may bet on how far the teams will go during the tournaments e.g. whether they reach finals or not. We highly recommend these bets because they come with greater odds and massive payouts even for the most favored teams. You can still win if your bet lands on the second position meaning that your earning potential is much better.