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Thunderpick and What it Offers to Esports Gamers

Rating 4.6/5

Here we look at Thunderpick review and explore the different features that this dedicates eSports site offers. There are CSGO matches as well as events that are the main focus points of this site. The unique aspects such as bonus programs, promo code offers and payment modes are also looked at in this review.

About Thunderpick

This particular site focuses on esprots betting. Bettors come online and place bets against each other instead of a bank of bookmakers. The main focus of the site is profesthe Sional events, and Thunderpick CSGO betting. There are other varieties of eSports games on this portal as well, including the popular ones like Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2 and others.

The Layout of Thunderpick eSports site

The website layout and maneuver is easy to figure out for new users. The first page of the site has all prominent and newly launched games and matches on display that can be accessed by a mere click. There are categories that one can zero in to find a game of one’s choice. When one clicks on a game or a match, they can bet on it, and this brings up several other associated matches and events that would be listed in the immediate future. Thunderpick betting on any match is accomplished very easily once a user has signed up and formed an account on the website.

Signing up on Thunderpick site

The sign-up process is easy and requires basic fields of information to be filled in. The withdrawal and deposit options are several. There are Thunderpick bet cs go skins and Bitcoin payment options that make this site popular among the modern gamers. The site is a verified and legitimate entity for placing bets. Being a registered website that is audited as per industry rules, it ensures that people are offered a fair and objective framework to the game on. The terms and conditions need to be agreed upon when one opens up an account on this site. Age verification is a requirement as well as identity proof that need to be validated before one wishes to withdraw their winnings from this site.

For new customers, there are Thunderpick bonus programs to choose from as well as promo code Thunderpick that help to increase the odds of the games.

A Wide Range of Thunderpick Esports Games

The range of eSports games on this site is an expensive one that one can start to play with Thunderpick bonus programs. Thunderpick CSGO is the dominant game here as per popularity and the kind of odds made available on it. The other popular games on this portal include bet on Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite, StarCraft 2, HOTS, Overwatch, Hearthstone and others. The bets available on an event and selections on it can be found by clicking on a particular event.

The bets that one can place on an eSports game on this site are several. For instance, CSGO has bets on offer as to when a bomb is likely to be planted, the occurrence of AWP Frag, the team winning a pistol round and so forth. The options for placing bets on League of Legends include team scoring first blood, destroying the first tower and so forth. Betting options get interesting with other games like Dota 2 and others.

Esports betting odds might seem limited as compared to other websites which could be a reason why many review ratings for this website rank it at 3 out of 5. The range of eSports games is wide, but it can be made better.

Ease of Use of Thunderpick Betting

The site has an easy and intuitive layout and is appealing even when compared to other betting websites. Access is provided easily to the different options and matches. This allows one to browse the different bets in an easy and quick manner. Upon clicking on a match, the details and betting options are displayed as well as additional information such as when a match would be live and time remaining on the bets.

Customer Service at Thunderpick Esports Site

This is another important aspect to consider. The live chat feature is available for the gamers, but there are down times when prompt assistance is not readily available. However, other means of communication are provided such as contacting on social media channels or leaving a message on the website or at the email address provided.

Payment options at Thunderpick

This is another important feature that matters for Thunderpick eSports website to be popular. Those who are eSports enthusiasts look for lucrative bonus programs on joining; they want secure and multiple payment options and so forth. This website offers Visa, Skrill, and Neteller as payment for making deposits. There are other payment options through online payment services like PaysafeCard, WebMoney, AllPay, and others. Even CSGO skins and Bitcoin have accepted modes of payment. In certain cases transaction fees are not charged such as when using skins or paying with BTC.

Thunderpick betting withdrawal methods have certain time limits that need to be read in the terns provided on the site. The transfer time differs as per the withdrawal mode that one chooses. Web wallet transfers are fast, whereas withdrawals with debit or credit cards need several days to be processed.

Other features on Thunderpick

The site offers certain interesting features such as mutual betting; this means one bets against other players on the same site. There is a certain percentage of the winnings that the site takes up, but that is a nominal amount.

Promo codes of Promo code Thunderpick are also offered for placing bets on the site. These help one to gain more value for the amount a member spends on odds. Bonus programs are available for the new users on the site. The terms change as per the kind of bonus schemes available.

Thunderpick being a reliable and registered site for eSports is a website that gamers can depend upon. The bets and odds are in plenty and made interesting for the players. Payment methods for deposits are numerous and withdrawing earnings is also convenient. For such reasons, this eSports portal remains a favorite of many.


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