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Call of Duty betting is increasing with the demand for the game and its popularity. Eventually, a lot of money is also flowing into the market. In 2023 alone, more than 3 million dollars were given away during Call of Duty World League. COD might not be as popular as many other eSports ventures, but it is surely gaining popularity because of the features it has, and the number of players it attracts every year. Call of Duty betting is one of the most exciting eSports tournaments, where players from across the globe can participate.

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Call of Duty Wagering: Compare Best Betting Sites in Canada

Back in 2003, the online gaming market, especially eSports, was not as developed and modern as it is now. Internet was not widespread, and people were slowly getting introduced to the concept of online gaming, where you could play a game simultaneously with someone sitting in another country or a continent.

Since the commencement of eSports, the curiosity around betting and wagering has increased. Back when it started, there was neither much craze, nor a widespread market for eSport betting sites, but with time as more users started indulging in the gaming universe, more money started flowing too. Call of Duty esports betting growing with unprecedented popularity! Not sure where to bet? Read our gg bet esports review.

Eventually, a lot of sites have started allowing users to not only play the game but also earn by betting on different teams and players, such as Bet365. Players can use real money to wager or place a bet, and finally, if the betting odds are in your favor – you can go back with a decent amount of money in your account! More and more users are looking for sites where they can make Call of Duty betting!

eSports in this game, began only recently in 2007 when the fourth version was released. However, in 2019-2020, Call of Duty esports betting wagers received more than $4.2 million in prize money. Call of Duty betting has opened doors of opportunities for various players. Twitch is a popular eSports channel to watch leagues and matches on csgobetting sites and Hearthstone esports. During the last tournament, it was recorded that Call of Duty eSports was viewed more than 1.6 million times, and COD WWII is trending at #5 on Twitch!

But, before you decide to spend your money on eSports wagering, it is important to review the game, tournaments, and events in-depth. Limited knowledge about a game can lead to great losses. So, here is some first-hand information about Call of Duty.

About Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty esports betting

When Call of Duty was introduced, it gained fast popularity, and it was so quick that it became one of the most popular first-person shooter (FPS) games in history. The development team behind Call of Duty (COD) was Activision, and they responded to the acceptance and released multiple versions of the game. So far, around fifteen versions of Call of Duty have been released, under different names. Activision has created an entire Call of Duty universe with other names in the franchise as well. Now, the latest versions are being developed by a leading gaming organization named ‘Sledgehammer’.

It is one of a few programs that have both – campaign mode, as well as multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, people from different geographies can come together to play from one side. This is the reason that it is one of the most popular games out there for esports betting, but more than this, it is the ease of playing an interesting and engaging concept that has always kept the users hooked to it. The old players always eagerly wait for the release of a new version, that is how popular it is!

In eSports, it is an extremely common name like Overwatch, CSGO, or PUBG. From players who have a Microsoft PC to players who play on consoles, everyone has heard of Call of Duty. The plots of the game revolve majorly around team aspects of warfare. The multiplayer matches are played till the death of the competitor’s character in the game. There are multiple modes and teams under which matches can be played. They can either be a team of three, four, or six against the same number of players.

The most popular Call of Duty games for eSports series in a multiplayer arena are:

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare;
  • Call of Duty: World at War;
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops;
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II;
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

There are several modes that can be employed by the player. With increasing player base, and competition, the modes have become complex, and it has become difficult to achieve success, which makes the game even more interesting.

Call of Duty World War – II (Cod WWII)

Call of Duty esports betting

The Call of Duty is about World War II (WWII). It was released in November 2017. It is different than all the previous versions because instead of the conventional class system, WWII features Divisions. Players get a total of six main divisions to choose from, based on various things like – combat training, weapon skills, and division training. To get additional perks, the players need to move up in ranks, in divisions. The divisions are –

  • Infantry: It is one of the most distinctive divisions in the game equipped for mid to long-range combat. The best part of this division is the bayonet charge, which can further lead to melee combat.
  • Armored: This division has the heaviest firepower, and it can mount light machine guns while taking less explosive damage.
  • Airborne: This division has a specialty of making the players move fast by keeping them suspiciously quiet. It allows them to indulge in a more stealth-mode game style.
  • Mountain: This division focuses on long-range combat and makes sniper rifle aims more precise and accurate by improving the aim through scope and blocking out unnecessary surroundings from the player’s view.
  • Expeditionary: The shots that players use in this round are capable of burning the other team down to death. They can further replenish their lethal ammunition by killing as many enemies as they can.
  • Resistance: This division was added in 2018 in a recent update, and in this division, the players can use a tactical knife in addition to their other ammunition like a pistol. It allows them to indulge in close combat with the enemy.

Apart from all the previous game modes from earlier versions, the WWII edition has added some new modes as well. One of the most interesting new additions is the ‘war-mode’, in which the two teams of six players each, can indulge in objectives as either the Allied or the Axis faction. Apart from War, the previous game modes such as – Team Death Match (TDM), Hardpoint, Headquarters, Search and Destroy, and Gridiron (a variation of Uplink), are the same as in previous editions.

What Makes Call of Duty Different from other FPs?

There are various things that make Call of Duty different from other programs, and one of them is its flexibility to allow newbies or first-timers there. Players who play online and live combats are serious about their game, and most of the time they do not want novice players in their team; but Call of Duty gives a lot of breaks to bad players, which is one downside reported by the frequent players.

Another different thing about Call of Duty is that it has a ‘rapid fire attachment’. Even if you have a precise aim and extraordinary shooting skills, the opposing team can take away your life simply because of this rapid-fire attachment availability.

Call of Duty otherwise is a flexible and agile entertainment that can be played on multiple platforms. Either on a PC or on a console, Call of Duty (COD) has its presence everywhere. The easy availability makes it one of the most popular FPS out there.

Another staggering difference in Call of Duty (COD) games is that a new version is released every year, which constantly maintains excitement among the players. The new version is either an upgrade of the previous one or has fundamentally different game rules and modes, which allows the old players to stick to the game. They have created a solid brand loyalty by this practice.


Hence, it is important to know about the rules before you delve into an eSports betting site and gamble with real money. There are not so many betting lines open for Call of Duty esports betting, but if a player is smart enough, he can still earn well by paying close attention to the running betting lines, and predicting when a weaker time or player will pull out of the game.

It is an emerging game in the eSports world, but surely has a lot of potential because of the diversity of platforms it is available on, and the number of users it attracts every year. Call of Duty betting too has a lot of scope for the future.