Advantages of Using Bitcoin in Esports Betting

With Bitcoin gaining popularity as a virtual currency it should be small wonder that it is being accepted as a mode of payment in different portals including esports. The betting scene in esports is highly popular and with the acceptance of virtual currency most esports betting sites are looking to take the games to the next level of popularity. The bet on esports games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, League of Legends, Global Offensive and StarCraft are considerable, to name a few.

Different Websites that Offer Bitcoin eSports Betting

The betting esports sites that accept BTC as a mode of deposit are several. Most of the sites like Nitrogen, Buff.Bet, CyberBet esports and Bethard esports are at present accepting different altcoins and BTC as a mode of payment. These sites usually have a requirement of a sign-up bonus payment to be made where the bonus amount provided should be matched either 100% or 50% as per the deposit amount. This can be paid by virtual currencies as well.

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Esports Bets and How it Works

Bitcoin and altcoins being accepted by different bitcoin esports betting sites increase the opportunities of using such currency deposit by owners. Till date, most cryptocurrency based platforms have made it possible for users to log on and transact with virtual currencies. However, BTC betting esports is a popular field and attracts a large base of players. With such sites accepting bitcoin and other altcoin deposit, it opens up more avenues to use such currencies and players can benefit in different ways as well.

In the following sections, we explore the inherent nature of cryptocurrencies like BTC. Virtual transactions with bitcoin and other altcoins are slowly moving into the mainstream, and with the availability of bet esports BTC, this becomes a popular avenue where people can invest their cryptocurrencies and benefit out of that as well. It also helps them use virtual currencies as equivalent to fiat currencies in valuation as per market conditions.

Features of Bitcoin eSports

This is a virtual currency that first gained prominence not only due to its credible nature but also for the most secure way it helps to record every transaction made with it. Hence those who wish to bet on esports can use BTC as a safe currency for bitcoin esports betting. Many are using it to bet at online esports sites for sports booking as well as in the marketplaces. This is a recognized form of digital currency and can be converted to fiat currency easily through different exchanges. With the convenience of storing BTC in wallets securely, this has helped increase possibilities of transacting with the cryptocurrency and gaining benefits as you would with fiat currencies.

Growing Popularity of Bitcoin eSports Bets

A Cambridge University study revealed that about 5 million users are currently availing of cryptocurrency wallets. Most of them prefer to use bet esports BTC through the popularity of other altcoins is also not far behind. With the surge of popularity of this cryptocurrency, it has even surpassed equivalent valuation as per an ounce of gold as was found in the month of March 2017.

BTC holds a market value that goes over $4 billion and its acceptance has increased as well. Not only do many online vendors and merchants accept this cryptocurrency but many offline outlets do as well. The big names that recognize the legitimacy of this currency are PayPal, NewEgg, Microsoft, and Dell. Since the inception of this currency in 2009, it has gained a lot more mainstream persona till now. Hence those who have started dabbling in cryptocurrency can find peace of mind with this fact and start to use cryptocurrency wallets accordingly.

How to Use BTC for eSports Bets?

When you wish to use BTC esports betting feature you need to have a wallet where you can store the bitcoins that you possess in a secure manner. Nowadays there are several authorized and regulated exchanges from where one can possess bitcoins. As per the existing exchange rate bitcoin can be purchased or exchanged for real money. The processing might take a while due to the secure way blockchain ledger notes are formed. There are varying exchange or transaction rates at different sites as well as best possible rates for exchange at different portals at a given point in time. Hence, these aspects need to be researched before one makes bitcoin purchase.

Once you have a BTC wallet with a requisite amount of bitcoins for transactions on bet esports BTC, you can log onto the sportsbook site where you wish to make a deposit. The cashier or banking section is usually where you would find the option to place a bet with Bitcoin. There are deposit options given, and one can choose bitcoin accordingly as the mode of depositing money for betting. You could also opt to withdraw your winnings in bitcoin. The process is similar to using other modes of payment at the online Bitcoin and esports betting sites.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin at eSports Betting Portals

There are several benefits you will gain by using Bitcoin and esports bets. This is a virtual currency that is secure and fast for transactions online, Bitcoin provides several conveniences, especially when you use it for online transactions. Bitcoin can be simple to use even though many people are still hesitant to invest and use this currency. With the increasing reliability of wallets, it has become increasingly convenient to use Bitcoins for different transactions. The same applies to Bitcoin and esports bets.

Many reputed sportsbook sites have started accepting BTC and other altcoins for some time. Deposits can be easily made, and transaction fees are hardly present. In many cases, transaction fees apply, but these are up to 2% or so. There are fees associated with traditional methods of payment as well, such as direct esports betting banking methods and credit cards which make Bitcoin esports a comparable means of the transaction on such platforms. BTC can be used for making a deposit as well as withdrawing your winnings from such portals.

BTC eSports Bets and How it Works

The process of betting at online Bitcoin esports websites is easy. Once you link your BTC wallet with such accounts, it becomes a convenient way to use bitcoins your own as well as gain some as you transfer your winnings into this currency. You can easily place wagers on your favorite matches and teams at the esports sites. These portals also have bitcoin-specific promotions and bonus schemes. These can boost your account balance and provide you with an advantage for using this virtual currency.

Security Advantage of Bitcoin and eSports

This is the main advantage of using Bitcoin esports bet for online transactions. For any kind of virtual transaction, you will find BTC transactions to be more secure as compared to other payment methods. It is known to offer the highest levels of security with the 128-bit secure socket layer technology of digital encryption. The other aspect is the distributed ledger system by which all BTC transactions get recorded. For such reasons, most licensed bookmakers and esports portals welcome the use of BTC for transactions. The increasing ease of converting BTC to fiat currency at different portals as well as through wallets can remove any hesitation that first time users might have for using bitcoins.

Bitcoin esports Betting Transactions

Transactions with BTC are highly safe due to the nature of the transactions. There is a new private key created for every user. For every transaction, a new address is generated. These are unique codes that guarantee ownership of BTC as well as ensure the validity of the transaction. Bitcoin provides other benefits since it is a decentralized mode of currency that has no other third parties to interfere with your transactions and value of the same is determined solely by market conditions. You can easily manage your funds as stored in your wallet.

There are certain safety tips that should be followed at a bet esports BTC site. You can mitigate any risk by using a single wallet to store as well as make your spending from. It would also be safer to use an offline wallet client for storing bitcoin; try and avoid third-party hosts or verification process methods. If you purchase bitcoins for a peer exchange choose trusted sellers and check their reviews and ratings before making a decision.

The above points kept in mind will help you make the most of Bitcoin esports betting. You can easily use them at esports bets sites and even earn more in BTC when you make winnings at these portals. It would also help you make lucrative use of this virtual currency.