Background Information on LoL Odds

The League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena that has been developed thoroughly right from the very beginning. It is an ideal competitive game for both professional and casual bettors with its gameplay being a blend of multiple genres including RPG and RTS which bring up a very unique perspective. The team-based battle is played in about 35-45 minutes, allowing the players to improve their skills since every game comes with different challenges. The sport is so famous today that some players depend entirely on it for a living. LoL betting allows you to wager on the events or the individual teams and to become a winner, you need to understand how the LoLodds work. Want to learn more about the League of Legends betting odds? Stay tuned.

Like any other type of eSports betting, a bettor wagers on a team (such as the League Legend squad) or the opponents. However, if you are not good at betting on the event winner, you may bet on other things like the number of rounds a team will need to win a playoff, a number of skills, whether the overall skills of the game will be an odd or even number, and so on. Bearing that in mind, understanding the LoL odds becomes paramount.

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Want to Bet on League Legends eSports?

As mentioned above, League of Legends is a widely known eSport so you can bet at the best League of Legends betting sites. Betting on a high-level tournament requires you to have a decent knowledge of the complexity of the gameplay as well as its fast-paced system upgrades. We advise beginners to read the basics of League Legends betting before gambling for real money. Once you comprehend the League of Legends odds and the open markets, you will be in a position to place a bet tactfully. Also, take a look at the reviews of some of the top-rated League of Legends betting sites to find the best sportsbook that caters to bettors from your state with lucrative promotional offers and safe payment options.

There are various types of League of Legends bets you ought to know. Remember that every sportsbook provides a market for major tournaments some of which are simple and easy to use by a casual bettor while others are optimized for a unique format. Here are the types of bets you can wager on League of Legends, depending on the available markets at your favorite eSports betting websites.

  • Overall match winner: In this type of bet, you predict the results of a match i.e. the team that will beat its opponent. This bet is also known as Head to Head or Money Line and its LoL odds represent the perceived prowess of each team which in most cases depends on the recent records, player mishaps, and roster changes.
  • Outright winner: This is the overall winner of a particular tournament as opposed to individual matches.
  • Handicap: Here, you predict if a team with handicap benefits or drawbacks will win a map consecutively or without dropping the map.
  • First Inhibitor: You bet on the team that will kill the first Tower.
  • First Baron: You bet on the team that will kill the first Dragon.

Types of League Legends Odds

In eSports, LoL odds are basically the implied probability, expressing the likelihood of an event occurring. League Legends bookmakers usually analyze numerous factors including the history of a team, statistics of a player, recent performance, and head-to-head records. Let’s go through the various types of League of Legends odds.

Fractional League Legends odds: The esport odds are expressed in fractions with the left number indicating the amount you’ll get after winning. The right-hand side number shows how much you should bet to win. For instance, in 3/1, it means you’ll receive $3 if you bet $1, and in 11/4, you get $11 if you bet $4. It means that 3/1 is more profitable than 11/4.

Decimal League Legends odds: These are easier to understand than the fractional League Legend odds. To calculate the amount you will win, divide 100 by the number. e.g. 3.5 odds will give you 100/3.5= 28.57%. The higher the number, the lower the chances of winning become.

Money Line League Legends odds: Also referred to as American odds, Money Line odds apply to the US bettors. They can either be negative or positive with the latter representing the amount you would receive if you placed a $100 bet. For instance, +135 odds can give a return of $135 1ith a $100 bet. However, Money Line odds show the amount of a bet you need to place in order to win $100. Suppose the odds read -155; it means you can win $100 if you bet $155.

The truth is, League of Legends odds are not getting any less stiff and it’s not easy to outsmart a sportsbook. But don’t forget that it is the same odds that can help you get the most out of eSports betting.