CS GO Skin Betting 2019

Like with other forms of sports, you have a chance to bet on the results of CS:GO matches which are going on or those that will be played in the future. Do you know the best CS GO skin betting sites and game odds? In this article, you will learn about the legality of CSGO bet skins, how to gamble and use the best odds of all times.

Understanding CS GO Skin Gambling

It is imperative that you know the CSGO skin betting sites which accept real money bets. The objective of this handy guide is to make things easier for you as you use a CSGO safe place to bet skins. Note that the matches and odds change every day so it is wise to review them regularly.

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CS:GO Skin Gambling – Basic Information

The first thing you need to consider before using a CS GO skin betting site is the safety of operation. You also want to know if skin gambling is legal and how it works. Over the past few years, the popularity of CS GO betting sites has opened a new sector of independent skin betting operations. A lot of gamblers wager on in-game CS GO items through third-party sites. The won or lost items carry real monetary value in the Steam marketplace. There are legal and ethical issues surrounding these businesses which are mostly outside of the USA.

It is important to note that some eSports betting websites are neither regulated nor licensed, drawing attention from the authorities. Meanwhile, some parts of the CS GO eSports have questionable connotations with these unregulated services. Nonetheless, Valve, the CS GO developer, is yet to ban these unlicensed skin gambling sites or discourage players from using them. Do you know why CS GO is unique? Even though secondary markets supporting numerous games have come up with tradable items the situation at CSGO is different. By not intervening publicly, Valve is allowing betting to be an integral aspect of the CS GO culture hence it doesn’t impose checks on the player’s age.

There are 4 things which have led to the growth of third-party betting sites:

  • The Steam Community Marketplace: The digital market boasts 33 games and other items like trading cards. In-game items are sold here for real money
  • The item drop system: It rewards weapon skins and cases at regulated intervals to players
  • There are over 1M unique CS GO players and a viewership that beats Dota 2
  • The Steam Trading API enables anyone to build third-party tools for managing transactions of the tradable items on a large scale

How to Gamble a Skin

Shin gambling works in various ways. CSGO bet skins offer unique gimmick by which players wager and win. In this inceptive stage of eSports betting, CS GO Lounge – the oldest and most famous site, allows players to bet CS GO items from Steam inventories on matches and leagues such as FACEIT and ESL. You can get a chance for betting on a single match of items worth up to $300. But you could bet beyond this limit with the secondary Steam account. Note that your winnings depend on odds which are bound to change over time based on the betting ratio between the teams. For instance, if the odds are 75:25, it means that 3 people need to bet on the 75% and one person on 25%.

You are free to use the CSGO Lounge as long as you have a Steam Account and adhere to the terms and conditions of the site. Make sure that online gambling is legal in your area before you participate. If you participate in a CSGO safe place to bet skins you confirm your compliance with your state’s laws that give you permission to take part in skin betting. Generally, participants must be at least 18 years old. Be sure to check the withdrawal terms including the time period allowed to claim the winnings. Like in any other gambling platform, most CSGO skin betting sites use both accounts to receive bets and distribute the winnings.

Are CSGO Bet Skins Legal?

We don’t have a legal paradigm of online item gambling. As such, it is not very clear to most people whether skins are arcade tokens, virtual capital, or real money. There are some legal insights on the legality question. For the money, there is a high likelihood that skin betting will be perceived as gambling by the authorities. This is obvious because the secondary market has become prominent and allowed to exist, making the skins widely recognized. Bearing that in mind, no case is directly on point so we cannot be 100% sure.

A lot of streamers and YouTubers are turning gambling into video clips for audiences to watch. There is a question of whether skins are valuable. Basically, traditional gambling means chips or cash. Even when it comes to secondary markets, skins still hold their value thanks to the gaming which puts them fairly in a virtual world. Then, if the skins are virtual items with value, it would be okay to use them for gambling under many rules.

The legal argument, in this case, is that gambling need not be banned in all forms. All that is required is the right regulatory measure and protection for the participants. Today, CS GO has grown into prominence thanks to gambling, so banning skin betting wouldn’t be a smart move. However, the bad actors on the internet need to be eliminated. A lot of fraudulent activities occur in CSGO Lotto and Diamond when sites operate without transparency or oversight. Not only should Valve take a stance on this matter but the entire industry as well.

Reasons to Choose CS GO Skin Betting

There are 4 main factors that drive the appeal of it:

  • Global market: As long as you come from a country where sports betting is allowed, you are free to participate
  • Breezy sign-up: Registering at one of the CS GO skin bet sites is straightforward. Apart from accessing the Steam platform, you will not be asked to provide your confidential information like the SSN
  • No deposits with real money: When you bet skins, you escape the hectic process of depositing actual money on the site
  • Flexibility: The skin betting sites vary greatly with some offering casino-style gambling and others match betting. This wide appeal contributes to the industrial success

Nonetheless, in an unregulated environment, skin betting subjects users to numerous vulnerabilities. It would, therefore, be a good idea for skin betting sites to adopt a secure system like that of most eSports cash betting sites. Here are some of the measures that should be taken to enhance safety.

  • Encryption methods to safeguard the personal and financial information of users
  • Users should be asked to verify their age before betting
  • The ability of the site to operate independently without the need of third parties who can freeze user accounts at their own discretion
  • Reliable trust measures like timely payouts and access to customer support and funds
  • A guarantee that no one knows the outcomes of the events

CS GO skin betting is not in any impending legal danger. At the time of posting article, there were no known legal suits. It is, however, important to know that sports betting illegal in the states of Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Delaware. More topics on CS GO betting will be covered in this site as new information develops.