Smite eSports Betting Sites in Canada

The world of eSports is full of many kinds of games. Some are first-person shooter games, while some are RTS (real-time strategic) games. Multi-player online battling arena (MOBA) is a domain where a lot of gaming companies have profited from. Smite is increasingly popular game all over the world! Read our reviews of the best beting sites in Canada and do your Smite betting!

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How to Make Smite Betting?

Some are first-person shooter games, while some are RTS (real-time strategic) games. Multi-player online battling arena (MOBA) is a game where a lot of gaming companies have profited from. While Dota 2 esports and League of Legends might be the big names when it comes to MOBA, Smite also holds a special position despite being the newcomer in the market of eSports betting.

Released by Hi-Rez studios in March 2014, Smite is a third-person perspective esports MOBA game that allows the players to form teams against their opponents and play with various strategies offered inside the game. The heroes or the characters of the games are not aliens or humans, but Gods. They are presented in the form of deities that you can choose and play with.

Smite is also popular in wagering and betting game, as many esports betting sites and sportsbooks have included it in their wagering lists. Real money betting sites also invite users to bet on Smite. The third world championship of Smite took place in early 2017, and various championships and tournaments have been scheduled for 2020. The game was first released for Xbox One console and was later expanded on to other platforms. Most popular esports betting platforms are GG Bet and VulkanBet.

Smite betting eSports has gained a wide popularity across the globe because of many existing games. Since the format and gameplay of Smite are understandable and easy, hence more players are drawn towards it. Smite betting sites often encounter huge traffic during the championships and world-level tournaments. Smite eSports is gaining fanbase over the years, and real money smite betting like on Alpha Draft, has allowed wagering enthusiasts to consider Smite as a serious eSport now.

Smite real money betting has invited many users to indulge in the world of Gods and mythological creatures and delve into the adventure. Smite bet real money can be highly profitable, given the prize pool for their 2018 world championship is $750’000, which is a huge figure considering the infancy of Smite, compared to games like Dota 2 or COD betting, which are here since a long time.

But before you bet on any Smite player or tournament, it is important to know more about the game, and have in-depth information about the teams and the players. You must review the game, and list out all the potential pros and cons, before placing your bet.

Smite World Championship Format

Smite esports betting

The format of the Smite World championship is that a total of 10 teams will participate for the grand title, out of which 8 are placed in knock-out stage, which is followed by other leagues like quarter-final, semi-final and, finally, grand finale.

The matches are usually best of one, allowing for a tight competition between teams. The knockoffs have a single elimination bracket, after which the teams enter the quarter-finals. The quarter-finals usually have best of three formats for the teams. While the semi-finals and grand-finale have best of five.

Smite Gameplay

The gameplay of Smite includes popular Gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures. The deities from Greek culture like Zeus, Athena, Loki, Ra are popular characters out of the total 82 characters available in the game. Each character comes with its own abilities, advantages, powers, and uniqueness.

Not only Greek, but the game also includes Gods and deities from different cultures including – Chinese, Hindu, Roman, Norse, Egyptian and Mayan pantheons. In smaller competitions and events Smite can be played with five players in each team. The five versus five match, is known as a ‘Conquest mode.

The other modes are – Joust mode, Assault mode, Arena mode and Siege mode. Every mode has its own rules and its own map. With different levels of difficulties and different requirements, you will find an exciting gameplay in each mode.

The aim of each team is to destroy ‘Titan of the other team. The Titan is the character that is common to both teams and has high amount of power and health in the game. If they are active, they chase their opponent’s players till they either leave the Titan’s range or dies. They can move freely in their range and immediately regain all their health once all the enemy players are stripped out of its region.

The map of the game has three lanes and a common jungle area, where there are monsters that provide different items to the players after they are killed. Every team has five players, and the players must fulfill these criteria set by the game makers:

  • AD Carry: This character in the game must carry the team to victory in later It gains power and momentum after starting from a weak spot in the game.
  • Jungler: This player or character kills the monsters in the neutral jungle area, for experience, powers, and buff in the game.
  • Mid: It is there to farm the middle lane and aids with the other lanes as per requirement by the team.
  • Solo: This character farms the solo lane, as the name suggests. It also supports other players in combats and fights.
  • Support: It starts in the duo lane and supports other team members when needed.

As it can be seen, that a lot of coordination and team-work is required to make it to the final crown of victory. It is impossible for a brilliant player to win this game alone, given the heavy requirement of other characters and dependency on each other in the game.

That is why, before placing your bet you must research and thoroughly know about each team and player. If possible, you must also spend some time in just watching the matches as a spectator before you enter the arena of wagering.

Classes in Smite

Smite esports betting

Like many eSports games, there are classes in Smite too, where the game characters are categorized as per their powers, abilities, and uniqueness. The four major classes are:

  • Assassins – They are the most powerful, and most damage-creating characters in the game. They have high mobility and maximum burst damage power.
  • Guardians – These are the tanks of the Smite. These characters can employ magical and physical powers both, to control the battlefield. They make good support Gods in the game.
  • Warriors – They can be considered in the middle of Assassins and Guardians. They can both – attack and support and have high power.
  • Mages – They are the ranged Gods, who can use magical powers to augment regular attacks.

These classes define most common traits of many characters in the game. Choosing the right set of five characters can give a team unlimited strength and durability to stay in the game.

Tournaments and Pool Prizes

While Smite is a relatively new game in the eSports betting arena and was launched in 2014, even then it has managed to gain wide popularity. The prize pools of Smite are already running in the millions.

The first Smite world championship was held in 2015, and the total prize pool was over $2.6 million with first prize being $1.3 million and second prize being over $500’000. This tournament was organized by Blizzard entertainment itself. The subsequent prize pools were also capped at millions of dollars, and there are several other winning opportunities in subsequent events, tournaments, and leagues.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to first indulge in the game as a spectator and a viewer. Before being a player, you must first understand the game from an outsider’s perspective. Only once you have proper know-how about the game, you can participate as a player. There are some streams you can watch, to learn and know more about Smite. Smitegame and Smitepro are two of the most popular streams out there.

If you want to improve your game further, and once you feel that you are now ready to bet, you can start by small and local level betting. Bet with your friends, neighbors and local players to understand their strategies and to practice.

You can also seek some mentorship from many online forums like Reddit and Smitefire, where you can find a lot of threads and sessions to get mentorship from experts.

Smite has a lot of scope for future of gaming. Learning more about it will benefit the players and wagering enthusiasts in future a lot. Since learning now will make them experts in the field of wagering, they will have an added advantage over the newbies and novices who will be entering the betting arena in future. The viewership in eSports has grown substantially faster and is on the verge of a rise with constant flow of players into the field, which is another reason to be a part of this industry now.