Introduction to Hearthstone Betting on eSports

Hearthstone is slightly different from other eSports even though the basics are similar. You can be the winning bettor through hard work and focusing on the right betting odds. Here, you will learn how the Blizzcon 2019 championship works and much more. Hearthstone is a CCG (collectible card video game) established by Blizzard Entertainment and is free to play online. Played on a one vs. one basis, the players choose their respective hero and deck and begin with 30 lives. The objective is to beat the opponent until they have no more lives.

Before you start wagering Hearthstone betting, you should check our review page to ensure that you have chosen eSports, which are more suitable for your current situation. Also, take advantage of the various bonuses provided by bookmakers. Then, build a bankroll and use the best Hearthstone betting odds. Be sure to register an account at so you don’t miss any Hearthstone betting championship which might give you extra value to your bets. We will keep updating you with the most important eSports aspects which bring greater results for a bettor like you including Blizzcon 2016 Hearthstone odds. We recommend you to watch lots of games and stay updated with the latest professional players.

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How to Become A Successful Hearthstone Bettor

Getting more profitable results from eSports gambling is not easy. Once you acquire the basic knowledge, use it to your advantage and find value in esports betting odds, which are misrepresented in bookies. Like any other game, professional Hearthstone is all about making informed decisions and good decks, which fits well into meta-game. It may sound simple but this is not the case. For you to make good decks, start by finding out which ones are better. You will achieve this only after playing numerous times and gather statistics.

As far as making good hearthstone betting decisions goes, it all boils down to doing the math and analyzing the odds. You may have the advantage of watching pro players on stream and this should give you more ideas on their level of prowess. Find out if the pros play for big events and massive amounts of money. As previously mentioned, Hearthstone involves two individuals as opposed to teams, like in most eSports. A smart bettor analyzes the players plus other aspects, which could change the match results before placing a bet on the winner (Money Line).

Hearthstone odds are just like other eSports betting odds, only that they represent the probability of either player winning. Like any other bet, you have to place a bookmarker – the overall probability of the matches on offer which should add up to 100% or more.

Types of Hearthstone bets

There are many elements to bet on when it comes to Hearthstone.

  • Handicap: They apply to matches whereby it is obvious one side has to win. A handicap bet also predicts the number of games the player has to play in order to win. You can also gamble on the probability of the weakest player winning a single match out of three.
  • Match winner: This is probably the simplest hearthstone bet where you predict the player who will win. The odds are determined by bookmarkers and paid out accordingly.
  • Special bets: This is a very specific form of gambling which makes watching a Hearthstone game very interesting. For instance, a bettor may predict which player is more likely to accomplish a particular task first or the cards, which appear in a match. This is extremely risky; hence the odds are usually high.
  • Turn bets: Here, a bettor can wager on the number of turns that the game will take or an entire match. You must be very knowledgeable and have a feel for the way players interact in a bid to beat their opponents. You do not actually wager on exactly how many turns the game takes but rather under-over wagers.
  • Future market: To wager on the overall results of a Hearthstone tournament or the player that comes in first, you will need to make a future market bet. You will also predict the region that the winner represents.

When gambling for real money line on Hearthstone, use the odds to determine the amount of cash you can win. For instance, if a player has a 20% winning probability, this is given as 4/1 odds. It means you have a chance of winning $4 plus the initial $1 in every $1 you wager. If you are looking for quality eSports gambling experience, take advantage of the number of hearthstone events posted on, which you can wager at competitive odds.