Top CS GO Betting Sites in Canada 2019

Welcome to your number one site that provides everything there is to know about CS GO betting sites. We have an experienced team of eSports analysts who provide the latest CS GO bets, news, and tips for major events. We’ll go an extra mile to tell you which bookmakers give the best odds for every match.

Best eSportsBook in 2019
Rank eSportsbook Bonus Payment Rating Bet
Deposit $10, get $30 in bonuses
Deposit $10, get $30 in bonuses
100% Up To $128
100% Up To $128
Bonus Up to 100 €
Bonus Up to 100 €

An Overview of CS:GO Betting Sites

Our team of experts has been in the gaming industry for more than a decade, running teams and such leagues as ESL. With an overview of the best CSGO betting sites, you will be in a position to make better decisions as you place bets with real money. Find out what to expect from the most popular CSGO betting websites including tournaments and betting tips.

One of the most popular gambling activities today is betting with CSGO and other eSports games. Pro-level games are being played every day hence there is always a match to bet on. We have enlisted the best CS GO betting sites where you can bet the CSGO skins and win real money. Since we are always on the lookout for new sites and offers which don’t require you to make a deposit, you should visit us on a regular basis to check the updates. In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of CSGO betting websites are coming up so the competition is very stiff. This is an advantage to eSports bettors because every site is striving to improve the odds on offer to entice players. Pay attention to what bonuses you get when you bet on CSGO with thunderpick esports!

We will continue updating you with the favorite CS GO odds every day. But before you choose a site to bet on CS GO matches, there are key factors we would like you to consider:

  • If the site allows you to start betting for free.
  • Whether there is an active betting forum for discussing the upcoming matches and tournaments.
  • The range of eSport games available for betting e.g. LoL, Dota 2, CS GO etc.
  • The reliability of the withdrawal methods (see what the users say)
  • The number of CSGO matches for betting.

Speaking of the best CSGO betting sites for real money, we recommend Arcanebet, 10 Bet, Betway GG.Bet and Buff.Bet. If you visit the sites, you’ll find the available bonuses. We also refer our visitors only to the licensed and fully regulated skin betting sites. We only recommend sites which we have used and can confidently say that they are trustworthy. We also want you to enjoy exclusive promotions to make you gambling more enjoyable. You may check our reviews if you still have doubts.

Important Things you Should Know About CS GO Bets

While we don’t offer free CSGO skins, we have the responsibility of giving our visitors informed advice on CSGO bets and CSGO skin betting sites. We only want you to visit places for betting and give you event previews so you can prepare your bankroll to make the most profits on wagers. It is also important for you to choose the best games and sites. Our first betting advice is that you should join at least one site that offers real money eSports betting which is safer than skin betting sites which are closed by Valve. Beware of unregulated sites that don’t guarantee skins and have poor mobile experience, making it hard for you to bet while on the go. However, the sites we recommend allow you to log in with just any device and place bets.

CS GO betting is in an uproar and for this matter, many bookies are expanding their markets. Apart from the standard market where teams win the matches, you can bet on individual handicaps, maps, the overall winner of an event, who wins every pistol round, who gets the first kill, and the exact score. Using our open-minded reviews of popular CSGO bookmakers and links, you can decide on which site to register with and start betting immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced bettor or a novice; the reviews will be of great use as they highlight the best and weakest feature. Anyway, we recommend gambling in a safe and trustworthy platform like Pinnacle and BetWay, in which we have registered accounts.

There are other features you might be interested in such as in-game betting and cash outs but they may not be available on most eSports bookmakers. We will let you know as soon as the features are released to boost your betting potential.

Tournaments and Prizes

The number of tournaments that CS GO teams have the potential of entering is countless. The prize pools range from a few thousand to 250 thousand of US dollars. For example, the two big tournaments which were run by ESL in 2015 offered a prize pool of 250 thousand dollars each, with 100 thousand dollars given to the winner. This is why such tournaments are regarded as majors because of their relatively greater prize pools in addition to being backed by Valve. In other eSports like Dota 2, the prize pool is relatively lower since CS GO is not easy to monetize. It is not easy to customize a player model in the FPS without compromising the game fairness since two twitch mechanics are applied.

It is very important for an eSport to maintain the gameplay balance and so fewer in-game cosmetic items can be sold for CSGO than for Dota2. The in-game items are normally wagered to give customization and maintain a gameplay balance. Every skin comes with a real monetary value, often in hundreds of USD. The cosmetic items are ranked depending on their quality and scarcity with every bet placed with a particular minimum number of items. In the event of a successful bet, you get more items in return. The quantity and quality of the rewards depend on the bet size as well as the prevailing match odds.

The CSGO Jackpot

The other fascinating element of in-game content is the CSGO Jackpot. The Jackpot terms are as follows:

  • The participants put items of a minimum value of $10 to be enrolled into a random jackpot where the winner takes all the items wagered by players
  • The chance of winning of every player is represented by the overall value of the items put in the jackpot
  • Items are given dollar values based on SteamAnalyst and the eSport website’s research
  • Often, the jackpots are valued at thousands of USD
  • The final jackpot drawing happens when the 50 item cap has been reached
  • The worthiness of each jackpot’s total differs according to the number of items wagered

Even in-game items carry real money values, selling those items to other parties for money comes with a big risk since there is no service to back such transactions. Some sites may offer to guarantee the sales of in-game content but not much is known about them as far as security of the transaction is concerned. In case you earn any money from in-game item sales through the Steam Market, you can only use it within the Steam e.g. by purchasing more cosmetic items or video games. The money goes to your Steam Wallet immediately so the funds may not be exchanged for actual dollars.

Free Bets

Do you love gambling on other sports? Then you already know that all betting site use with free bets to incentivize users so they can register accounts. Similarly, various sites CSGO betting sites compete for users and so they encourage people to register with them through links. They don’t stop at that. They also give promotions throughout so that the users can maintain accounts and keep coming back instead of going to the competitor’s sites to bet. Normally, signing up an account with a bookie takes less than 5 minutes. You should, therefore, register and start leveraging the available offers and some of the exclusive CSGO free bets on the sites we’ve recommended.


With the reviews of major bookmakers that offer CS: GO betting, you can identify your best platform. We put into account various factors including the team with the best odds, payment methods, quality of customer support, as well as the variety of promotions and free bets available. The other important things we have to consider is whether in-play bets and live streaming are available. We also try to highlight sited that allow players from your state and ensure that those sites are fully licensed and properly monitored by the acceptable gambling regulators. That way, you can be confident that you will be transacting in a safe platform.

There are many opportunities that the CounterStrike: Global Offensive betting landscape offers. Whether you live in Australia, the US, the UK, or any other part of the globe, our CSGO team will help you explore the numerous opportunities in the betting sector. This is your definitive place to find all the information you need concerning eSports and eSports betting, especially on our favorite game – CS: GO. If you still have questions regarding our credibility, check our online reviews and those of other bookmakers to help you choose a betting site wisely. Feel free to contact us for any queries.