League Of Legends Betting in Canada

Released in 2009, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA). League of Legends (LOL) is currently a very popular online eSports betting game. The bet has invited wagering with real money which caught the interest of a big number of people.

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Betting In Lol 2019

League of Legends it is available on multiple platforms including Windows PC. It gained immense popularity in a short time and became well-known especially in Canada, North America and Europe. Many people get interested in LoL bet on eSports. League of Legends BetWay become a famous choice of online entertainment among eSports betting community.

League of Legends (LOL) is three-dimensional and played in third-person, unlike call of duty which runs from first-person shooter perspective. But why is the bet365 on eSports so well-known in the whole world? Have you ever made such a bet? How could you win real money through lol betting?

eSports Betting on League of Legends Tournaments

League of Legends esports betting

In the world of eSports and online wagering, League of Legends is a common site among eSports fans, because of its widespread fanbase and a heavy number of users involved in it from multiple countries.

There are various sites where you may bet league of legends. Esports Pinnacle is often visited bet site, because of ease of playing and simplicity in wagering.

LOL are placed similarly as a bet on Smite or Dota 2 betting. The most common type of bet in League of Legends is on the final match result. It is known as ‘money-line’, and the odds often reflect the level of every side based upon their recent win/loss records. It means – if the team which you have placed your bet on wins, you win!

League of legends bet might be done through online site with real money too. A bet on league of legends is also simple because it is played on the single map. Apart from maps or favorite to potentially win in a map, a user may also make a bet on a total number of kills in the match, which is typically over or under 50.5.

LoL bet site on eSports features most prominent pro-gaming tournaments throughout the year including the IGN pro league, intel extreme masters event, and major league gaming.  There is also some special League of Legends eSports competitions in which people have a chance to get professional salaries and best action. There are many amazing wagering sites such as bet365, which allow everyone to make a bet.

LoL eSports betting involves some key differences from different eSports bets. Here along with line-ups, even the actions of individuals matter a lot. When you are analyzing League of Legends odds in a bet, you must consider the vast number of champions to pick from, as well as the fact that certain line-ups might not work. League of Legends bet involves quick action no matter which site you will pick. There are various League of Legens betting portals on which you are able to bet. For example, you can bet on Betway, Unikrn or CyberBet.

However, before you choose the League of Legends betting site and bet on something, you should have proper knowledge about it. The review will discuss everything about eSports League of Legends which might be helpful, like the best options where you may bet, gaming modes, tournaments role and prize pools.

Lol Maps

League of Legends esports betting

League of Legends works on special maps. It has three main maps with different terrains, objectives and different winning conditions. The map is a part of a unique gameplay. It majorly consists of three different running modes, including –

  • Summoner’s Rift – It is a very famous gaming mode in League of Legends, and here two teams of five individuals, compete to destroy Nexus, which is a building of the competitor. The building is guarded by the enemies as well as a number of defense structures called towers. Every group of participants has one nexus. One nexus is at upper right corner while the second is at lower left corner.You must make a union to defeat the enemy and destroy the Nexus of enemies, as well as secure and protect their own structures and towers. Once the Nexus is damaged, you lose. While playing LOL, you might also come across some neutral elements, which might not affect them negatively but might reward them with gold, experience, and reward points. There are many monsters which appear in the League of Legends while playing, and they are mostly neutral elements.
  • Twisted Treeline – it allows three individuals in League of Legends to participate. Here, the players must come together to destroy the enemies’ Nexus. The mode is similar to summoner’s rift but has a smaller arena and a comparatively less challenging domain, because the number of users here is three, compared to five in summoner’s rift. It also has a neutral jungle area with multiple monsters.
  • Howling Abyss – it is used for ARAM (all-random, all-mid) matches, where five individuals to destroy the Nexus of enemies. Besides, the League of Legends mode has no neutral jungle area, and it majorly focuses on a one-on-one Here you cannot return to your base area to replenish your energy or to buy items unless you have been killed. The mode is more brutal and ruthless compared to those mentioned above.

On the other side, there are some especially limited time modes as well, which are recently added to League of Legends. They are launched on a weekly basis and a repeated after a certain time interval. It creates a dynamic approach and brings something new to the table.

Game Type In League Of Legends

It is based upon the chosen champions. The player controls one of them, and in League of Legends there are three main ways by which the teams might make their choices:

  • Blind Pick – it allows making the choices simultaneously at once. But you are able to only see the other selections once the match has started.
  • Draft Pick – in League of Legends it allows banning five champions, leading to removing them from the match. The enemies are not able to select what you rejected. However, you are able to see its selection side by side.
  • Random Pick – As the name suggests, it makes random assignments.

League of Legends has over 140 champion types available to choose from. Such a wide variety of options allows you to immerse in the vast universe and play like there is no tomorrow.

Roles In LoL

There are several roles in League of Legends which every participant must be familiar about:

  • Tanks: They are those melee characters which may take a lot of damage. They protect other characters in League of Legends so they save maximum lives and endure maximum damage on themselves.
  • Supports: They only protect allies and give them buff.
  • Fighters: They are the characters in League of Legends which are amazing in solo encounters but have comparatively less survivability than tanks.
  • Assassins: They are the characters which bring a large amount of damage in a short amount of time. They are burst characters, which are employed to create maximum damage to the enemy’s side.
  • Marksmen or Mages: They start weak but slowly gain strength from various activities. Marksmen gain power from Attack Damages, which is why they are known as AD carries, while Mages attain power from Ability Power, it is why they are known as AP carries.

Tournaments And Prize Pools

The largest tournament of LoL which you can bet on eSports was hosted by Riot Games itself, where they announced winning money of $2.2 million in 2014 League of Legends World Championship. Every year, the events are broken into seasons. Each of them has its own winning money. In season 1, in 2010 the award was $100’000, and it has increased ever since. As you see, League of Legends is worth a lot.

It stands at #5 at largest overall prize pools in eSports wagering market. In 2020, it is worth over $5 million. The top five countries ruling in LoL wagering are – Korea, China, Taiwan, United States of America and Canada.

Pinnacle – Great Opportunity

To get an edge at League of Legends eSports betting, you not only need a proper knowledge of dimensions of the League of Legends betting, but also a proper count of statistics like – kill/death/assist and kill/death ratio, gold per minute and the overall count of gold, experience per minute etc.

After CS GO betting sites, if there is a giant in pinnacle eSports wagering, it is undoubtedly bet in a site focused on League of Legends. Someone who wants to delve into the world of eSports bet should at least consider choosing League of Legends bet site. Pinnacle on eSports only seen an upward growth since it was launched in 1998. Bet in League of Legends site is much simpler to understand. It will eventually help you get familiar with bet on Call of Duty as well as Fortnite betting.