StarCraft Betting Sites 2020

Blizzard Entertainment in 1998 came out with StarCraft, which immediately received positive response, as it climbed the ladder of popularity and became one of the best spectator games in the history of eSports. StarCraft was survived by its successors including the latest one, that is – StarCraft 2 (SC2). It is an RTS (real-time strategy) based game that includes a lot of long-term thinking and micromanagement than spontaneous decision-making ability. And in particular, growing popularity of Starcraft betting!

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Starcraft Betting

The focus of the game is to construct a base with various buildings around hubs that have minerals and gas deposits. Players from either team can extract the minerals and gas to spend on forming army units, and also to construct better and advanced buildings, that further gives them access to stronger units.

The ultimate goal of a unit is to destroy the opponent’s base and units and to prevent your base and units from the opponent’s wrath.

Betting on StarCraft2 is available on various sites now, with huge money prize. Some websites even offer four or five figure amount, for global level tournaments. Blizzard entertainment themselves hosts a world championship series (WCS) for Star Craft 2 lovers. You can either use play or virtual money to place bets if you are a beginner in the world of wagering, or you can also use real money to gain some real profits. Apart from Blizzard entertainment, there are various other companies and gaming organizations that hold regular events for Star Craft2. Some of the best StarCraft2 betting sites include the official Blizzard entertainment itself who organize and host most of the tournaments. CyberBet esports betting offers bets on all your favorite games, including SC2, Overwatch betting and Dota 2 betting sites.

The most common way to place a bet on SC2 is through online bookmakers, but they are restricted in some countries including the USA. There are many ways to increase your Starcraft 2 odds:

  • You can bet on a team as a whole and bet on the overall performance of that team for the entire tournament. Or you can also bet on a specific match and vouch for your favorite
  • You can place future bets as well and place your money on who the winner of the tournament will be.
  • Some sites also allow the users to bet on multiple outcomes of a single match or a single tournament in Starcraft eSports. Since these bets are complicated in nature, they are best to be placed by seasoned users who are experts in wagering.

But before you place a bet on a team or a tournament, you must do proper research about it and have due diligence to avoid any loss. To increase your StarCraft 2 betting odds, it is important to get access to verified data that provides you proper information about the players, teams and their history in StarCraft. Only after knowing everything, you will be able to finally place a bet.

Apart from the teams and players, it is also important to have complete, in-depth knowledge about the game itself and esports betting sector. That is why this review is important to educate yourself in StarCraft.

Starcraft Gameplay

Starcraft 2 esports betting

StarCraft 2 is a fast paced, strategic and real-time game, that requires coordination, companionship, team-work and multi-tasking skills from all players alike. It is either one versus one or two versus two, but mostly it is a competitive match between two players, instead of two teams that make it even more interesting.

The players have a choice to select one of the three species available to them and prepare for a combat. The available species are –

  • The Zerg: They are insect-like aliens whose main focus is to outnumber their opponent and kill them.
  • The Protoss: It is a highly-advanced and upgraded version of aliens that are focused on a small area for better micromanagement.
  • The Terran: It is more like a human faction, that is relatable and most adaptable to the previous two.

All these three species come with their own abilities, powers, set of advantages and disadvantages. These three species can be used to form army units, create buildings, collect minerals and gas to defeat the opponent team. The one versus one combat includes two players, who start with 12 workers and a common base. Using the available resources carefully and to their full potential, the aim of the player is to destroy the enemy’s base.

StarCraft is more based upon micromanagement and long-term planning than quick and precise actions. One mistake in the game, in the beginning, can cost the player heavily by the end.

StarCraft2 was launched in 2010, and it already had the advantage of being a popular game in the eSports arena, due to the huge acceptance of StarCraft: Brood Wars, that was launched in the 1990s. The StarCraft fanbase was delighted with the launch of SC2.

With popularity and quick fame, StarCraft2 killed all its opponents that were there in real-time strategy (RTS) arena. Given its existing fan-base and dominance in the RTS genre, SC2 manages to remain on top, because of which many newcomers are often overlooked.

Tournaments and Prize Pools

Starcraft 2 esports betting

Prize pools of StarCraft 2 are huge, with Blizzard entertainment announcing over $150’000 prize every year. It might not be as competitive and huge as ‘The International’ or ‘Epicentre’ for Dota 2 that offer millions of dollars as prize money, but still, the events in StarCraft are interesting to watch, because it is a brilliantly designed RTS game.

The tournaments are not only organized by Blizzard Entertainment, but also by other organizations that offer decent prize pools for the players. Professional gaming teams also organize pro-league matches among themselves to prove their mettle. Electronic Sports League (ESL) and their Intel Extreme Masters tournament series, was also one popular event that drew a lot of crowd and fame for StarCraft2.

Types of Bets in Starcraft 2

There are many types of bets in StarCraft 2 that you can try out. To increase your betting odds, however, it is suggested that you do thorough and in-depth research about the players or the teams that you are putting your money on. Before you bet, you must spend some time in reviewing the performance of a player and listening to a professional competitor who gives insights on the players’ performance. They have not only invested hours of their time on watching the performances, but they can also fill the gap in a player’s performance and make it easier to understand for the audience. Moreover, you should know features of bookmakers for betting on StarCraft 2. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with BetWay, Pinnacle, Unikrn and GG.Bet.

The bets that can be placed on StarCraft2 events and tournaments are:

  • Match Winner – As simple as it sounds, this bet is placed on who the winner of the match will be. The team that successfully manages to destroy the opponent’s base will be the ultimate winner, and it is also known as ‘money-line’ in some sportsbooks.
  • Map Winner – This bet is placed on the player who will win each individual map that he plays in SC2.
  • Correct Map Score – This bet is placed for the final scoreline of the SC2 match. You can either predict the match as 3-0 or 3-2 or however you think that the player will perform. Based upon how different sportsbooks perceive these kinds of odds, you can place your money for the bet.
  • Outright Winner – Here, the bet is on the overall winner of the complete StarCraft2 tournament. This bet involves more risk and volatility, as the performance level can change with each round or each event. Sometimes, even the best players perform poorly by the time they reach finale, and sometimes some unexpected players are coined as winners.

StarCraft2 is most commonly played in South Korea and has over 617 players currently. It is followed by United States with 265 players and China with 220 players. However, the maximum amount of money earned in this game also goes to South Korean players with over $17 million earned so far, out of the total of $26 million prize money awarded so far from over 4800 tournaments, at the time of writing.

South Korea has a kind of craze for eSports, and particularly StarCraft2, which people actually flock into stadiums to see the tournaments live. The kind of excitement and craze that people in other countries have for live sports like Football or Cricket, is seen in online games when it comes to South Korea. That is why gaming and entertainment industry are perceived seriously in this country.

eSports industry of the world right now is in its infancy, with only a handful amount of games providing good return. But as more and more people are involved into gaming, so is the rise of money in the industry. It has a lot of scope for future, and the people who are willing to spend their energy, time, resources and efforts to indulge in eSports wagering, can surely make a lot of money in the future.