Dota 2 Betting Tips And Strategies

We offer exciting Dota 2 betting odds as well as unique promotions for Dota 2. Be sure to check the amazing eSports opportunities and money lines on this site. Dota 2 is a multiplayer eSports match of the MOBA genre that was established by Valve Corporation. The main goal of playing a match is to destroy the Ancient –a construction by the enemy located at the base that is engulfed by towers located on 3 different lanes. Players are normally slit by 2 teams namely Radiant and Dire which consist of 5 players each. When it comes to playing for a real money line, make sure to place a bet on the Dota odds with a higher chance of winning.

There are countless eSports sites catering to a large number of gambling enthusiasts and it can be daunting to discern what line is good or bad. eSportzBet is one of the best sites in the world of Dota 2 betting sites. Also, we outline the most lucrative bonuses, security features, and the available payment options such as skin payments, cryptocurrencies, and real money transactions.

Dota Betting Odds Explained

If you are new to eSports, you need to understand the odds that are often provided in various formats like decimals and fractions. Many eSports sites use both formats to make it easier. For instance, 3/1 corresponds to 4.00, meaning that if you make a wager with 1.00 and win, you can expect 3.00 as the return (fraction) and 3.00 + 1.00 for the decimal odd. As far as the Dota betting odds go, there is a broad spectrum of options. In a simple wager, you can predict the winner of a match or the entire tournament.

Dota 2 is set on a battle arena. Its map has two sides – Dire (top) and Radiant (bottom). You can make a wager on the map that a team will pick, drop, or win a series. As you advance, you can place a handicap bet line with such options as total kills that will improve your Dota betting odds.

Betting Dota 2 Tournaments

Valve started co-hosting small tournaments occasionally in 2015. These tournaments use Majors, which is basically a fixed pool of the prize. Every year has three Major tournaments in different regions that later lead up to The International. Besides the events sponsored by Valve, there are other tournaments which are hosted across the globe e.g. The Summit, League, ESL One, Dota Pit, ASUS ROG DreamLeague, and SL i-League StarSeries. In essence, you can make a wager on hundreds of profitable Dota matches every month.

Important Betting Dota 2 Tips

  • If you are a beginner, try one of the free eSports sites that offer prizes before you bet for a real money line
  • Start simple i.e. betting on the exact winner
  • Never put a wager amount you cannot afford to lose. Have a bankroll and use it only for betting
  • Read the terms and conditions to know what you are in for
  • Stay on top of the latest Dota matches to improve your Dota betting odds

If you are serious about playing in an eSports line, there are a number of ways that will help you to improve your odds of winning. In particular, start by learning how the match goes on YouTube, for instance, and check the predictions. Know the various team players involved to choose an informed money line. Every team has different styles of playing when pitted against rivals. You will find this information on one of the social media platforms of the teams. Also, understand the maps as they come with different pros and cons.

Finally, understand the value and odds of betting Dota, particularly if you have just started out. Keep in mind that they change over time. Choose odds with a high probability of winning. Sometimes, the underdogs may have greater Dota betting odds with a higher paying rate but their chances of success are minimal. Firstly, it is advisable to bet on a guaranteed winner and get a feel for the gameplay.

Free Bet from Bonuses

Don’t forget that there are various bonuses that eSports bookmarkers offer. Take advantage of such offers to rid yourself of the pressure of making the initial bet on Dota 2. We have a list of eSports platforms where you can register for free and acquire a free welcome bonus. A free bet carries a particular amount of money that you can wager on a certain match. Deposit bonuses are available too where you get a percentage on your first deposit which can be 100% or more.

Keeping up with the statistics is paramount. Always track your betting Dota line with excel or a betting tracker and make use of the available external resources.