Understanding CS GO Betting Odds

CS GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is an FPS (first-person shooter) game with multiple players. Basically, the arena entails a wrangle between two teams i.e. Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. It has been an important eSports game in the last decade and its popularity has triggered massive growth in CSGO betting sites. Are you a new eSports fan and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you would like to learn the CS GO odds and the Upcoming CS GO match odds to get better at gambling. You are very lucky because you have come to the right place.

Keep in mind that the match has more than fifteen rounds half. The first team to hit sixteen rounds becomes the winning team unless there is extra time provided. Do you know what it takes to earn points or faze an opponent? Like other types of eSports games, CS GO gives you the chance to bet on the results of every match happening at the moment as well as the upcoming ones. For this matter, it is good to get a prediction from an expert so you can increase your odds of winning. From our sportsbook line, you will find the best CS GO betting predictions from our trusted partners.

We provide a comprehensive betting overview of each match while pointing out the best bets so you can navigate and find the best of odds from the listed matches at any given time.

Betting for Real Money on CSGO

How do you select a match to bet on? From our sportsbook, you’ll find the best CS GO odds as well as a line-up of sportsbook platforms where you can bet for real money. We update the list regularly because the match odds change every day. Now, the big question is, how do you bet for real money on CS GO? Keeping the structure of the game in mind, betting on this game is similar to games on mainstream sportsbook sites. Two teams play in win-draw-lose scenarios hence the betting eSports works the same way. The strongest teams portray strong talents and their communication is excellent, hence they got profound team-play.

hen it comes to placing bets, you can wager on the final outcomes i.e. who wins the matchup. This is called Money Line. The available odds on our betting eSports site represent the perceived capabilities of a team with regards to their past records of winning or losing and other situational factors. Your winnings are determined by the wager amount multiplied by the odds. Note that every match consists of individual Maps and you can place a bet on the winning team of every Map and the overall winner. Since the Maps differ significantly, the CS GO odds on the maps do not always represent the actual winning odds of the entire match.

A Quick Snapshot of the CS GO Game

As explained, a team needs to eliminate the opposing members in order to win and accomplish the various Map objectives. The Terrorist team plants an explosive and blows it up before time elapses. The Counter Terrorist team prevents the planting of the explosive or defuses it once it has been planted before time runs out. They must hurry up lest the Terrorists accomplish their goal. There are many objective-based game modes such as the Bomb Scenario whereby Terrorists plant a C4 bomb on the map and if it blows up, the team wins; if not, the Counter Terrorist team wins.

Steps to Getting Started With CS GO betting

  1. Create a betting eSports account
  2. Learn the CS GO odds by examining and evaluating the provided odds on the sportsbook
  • From the sportsbook, pick a match to bet on. Focus on a particular tournament rather than juggling numerous matches. Check our predictions and analyses to see the match that is more likely to give you money in the long-term. That is why you must study the teams carefully
  1. Deposit money to your account and start betting

Our sportsbook provides betting for major CS GO tournaments like ESL One, PGL, FACEIT, StarSeries, ECS, PGL Major, Dreamhack, and so on. There are also several offline events you can bet on and this is where serious fans of CS GO get a betting edge. You can check our eSports event schedule and stay updated with the upcoming events.

With this information at hand, you are likely to get better at betting eSports. One last tip: watch pro CS GO matches to learn the latest performances. That way, you can make better predictions.