Best Hearthstone Betting Sites in Canada

Hearthstone betting can bring you crazy surprises! eSports has a variety of betting games. One of them is Hearthstone. It is a popular collectible card game (CCG) for each player to have fun with online. They will first need to collect cards that have different powers and then give them unique ability over other players. The player begins with the starter deck. However, the deck might be later modified. Try Hearthstone betting on our site and win real money!

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Hearthstone Betting: Whats New in 2020

Hearthstone may seem complicated with so many rules about how to operate with the deck. In fact, it is not so complicated. At first, you have a starter deck. The deck may be changed by adding new cards. What is more, later you may even create a brand new deck. Each deck in Hearthstone has a name. You might have a deck called e. g. Mage or Priest.

Set in Warcraft universe, Hearthstone is a free-to-play which invites each player from different backgrounds to participate solo in interesting tournaments. The eSports card game is not only available in Windows and Mac PCs and also in Android and iOS mobile devices. The scalability and availability on different platforms have given it the widespread popularity in the betting world. Every eSports player has a chance to try Hearthstone betting. You will maybe even win a great prize – try it here – Hearthstone betting championship. Why would you not go for it?

There are many Hearthstone betting sites online, where each player can bet real money. Esport Bets is common in today’s time, and there is a lot of money involved as well. Being focused on the solo player, Hearthstone does not allow the player to form teams. Hence to wager on a site, you should know which player will be performing the best. You can bet on Hearthstone on 10Bet,  Thunderpick and Buff.Bet! Join!

Hearthstone betting is different from other eSports betting in a format that it becomes tough to analyze the performance of a single player, as compared to a team. When you are betting on a player in eSports, the Hearthstone odds will show the probability of that person winning, and when you finally place the money on the bookmarker, the total probability shown will be over 100%.

In Hearthstone eSports, each player will get a handicap, which is either positive (+) or negative (-). If the handicap is negative, the user will have to win to overcome the deficit, and if the handicap is positive, then the user will have to stick to the value and prevent his loss. Real money Hearthstone betting in eSports is usually a risk, especially if you participate for the first time, as there is a lot of uncertainty involved.

The first best way to win the tournament in eSports Hearthstone real money betting is to go for skating method. In this eSports betting method, there are five major strategies that the player uses to win big or lose small, and they are:

  • Bet Everything – In this format with a bigger amount, the gain from betting will be bigger, and if you lose, you will be out of money to try the second time.
  • Fixed Wager – Each time, put the same amount of money. Suppose if you start betting with $50, put $50 the next time as well. It might not guarantee your victory, but it will reduce the chance of a loss.
  • Martingale – If you lose the first time, double the money the next time to cover up your loss. The format will give you a quicker recovery from the loss, but only if you win the betting!
  • Fibonacci – Another popular method of betting is by increasing your stake in the bet sequentially in Fibonacci series order. If you lose the first time, cover that up with the winning from next bet and so on.
  • Proportional Betting – The format means you should increase your stake in betting in proportions, let’s say 10%. So if the first time you put a $100 for $1000 first time, the second time you should put $110 (for the new 10% increased $1100).

Following these eSports betting golden rules, the player can increase your winning number in eSports betting marginally, but steadily.

But before the player decides to put your money at stake in eSports betting, they have to review the pros and cons of everything thoroughly. When it comes to eSports betting, you will need to be cautious and careful as the volatility is high. That is why proper due diligence is a must for every eSports player.

Inception Of Hearthstone eSports Betting in USA

Hearthstone esports betting

Hearthstone was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2014. Based upon the Warcraft universe, it got immensely popular within no time and added millions of players in its database over the years. It is free for each player, a collectible card game (CCG), that features cards with powers and abilities that make the player unique. Once a player has all the of them, it is then his mind and ability on how to use them against the enemy player and win the match.

The format is an individual player game and has no provision to form teams. The player can go for one of the nine Warcraft classes, cast spells on each other, summon minions or use weapons to defeat each other in a tournament. A player can obtain a card in many ways – either by defeating other players, leveling heroes or by expansions. Currently, there are over thirteen hundreds of them for the player to collect and play with.

Four Main Cards In Hearthstone

The four main types of cards are:

  • Minion Card: The minion in the Hearthstone is a creature that always fights on the battlefield. You can summon them to attack the opponent’s minions or to protect their own hero until it is destroyed.
  • Spell Cards: As their name suggests, these ones are used to cast a spell on the enemy player. You can use them that have the ability to fire a cobra shot, attack with a feral spirit or release a mortal coil on the opponent.
  • Hero Card: These ones are like reincarnation for the hero in Hearthstone. They will replace the old one with a new, and its powers to are upgraded or changed as mentioned in the card.
  • Weapon Card: As the name suggests, it acts as a weapon it can be used with only one of them at a time.

Popularity Of Hearthstone

Hearthstone esports betting

The popularity of Hearthstone can be attributed to its free to use the platform, its availability on mobile devices along with PC, and it’s welcoming and user-friendly interface that invited both novices and experts alike. The learning curve in Hearthstone betting was comparatively lesser than other eSports wagering games, like Dota 2, where the player ought to be an expert to delve into the world of eSports betting. But Hearthstone will be like a different betting world for each player.

All these features have contributed greatly towards making it a popular one, and also made Blizzard Entertainment a million dollars betting industry. Do you want to go for the title of Hearthstone player on eSports platform? Is the CCG for you?

Hearthstone Tournaments And Prize Events

With the sudden and vast popularity of the card game, an array of events have opened in various regions. As in LoL betting or Starcraft 2 betting, from local to state-wise to country wise, there are hundreds of tournaments happening every minute which every player has a chance to take part in. You can prepare a Hearthstone tournament with your own region participation too, all you need to do is collect eight players.

You can even get the event in your region sanctioned by Blizzard Entertainment itself, and after getting sanctioned, you have to follow some regulations and rules about CCG deck which are set by the organizations, for the event in your region to be considered worthy of including into a tournament:

  • All the matches in the tournament will have to be played in a series of best of five.
  • Deck have to include three unique classes and need to be distributed prior to each stage from the player.
  • Each player is in a tournament in your region entitled to only win one game with each deck.

Qualified winners of Blizzard tournament, can then have a gathering of their own to compete against each other in their respective qualifier round. The online tournament follows the same conquest format from the gatherings and features single elimination process. The rounds are then moved up in the hierarchy, and state-level tournaments are held from the small gatherings after the player has been filtered out in many consecutive ones.

Finally, when tournament finalists from each region are determined, they face each other in the final combat for the first prize of around $2500. The second player will get for themselves $1500, and the third player will enjoy $500. The qualifier from the tournament in the specific region has 40 players and double elimination process to filter out the players rapidly.

The annual grand tournament that happens on a world-level is played at BlizzCon every year, known as the Hearthstone World Championship. The total prize for winners of the tournament is around $250’000. The first round of tournament format has four groups, containing four players in each group. The top two players from each group will be then sent to the second round, and finally, from the second round, players for quarter-finals and semi-finals will be shortlisted, and the grand tournament finale will be between two players, who have faced each opponent and defeated him in the game.

Every game in the tournament is considered with the same rules and best-of-five format. The winning deck is retired, but the one who loses can use the same deck in future betting card games during the tournament. Deck in CCG is always a source of exciting fun – you never know what it will be.

New Hearthstone Player

If you do not wish to put real money in bets, as a beginner, every player can start with virtual money or steam inventory, in which there will be items you can select to bet against, and those items are valued against money to give you the estimate idea of your winnings or losses. This is a good way for a player to start the adventure with CCG deck.

No matter in which region you live in, Hearthstone eSports betting can be really interesting and gives every player amazing chances of victory as well. Good luck, always have the best deck!