What Is All About eSports Betting?

eSports stands for electronic sports which are mostly video game competitions that fall under the professional gaming industry. Playing video games with friends is fun but adding a friendly bet will make the whole experience even more exciting because you have a chance to win real money. Esports betting Canada is growing at a faster rate than the sports themselves. According to a recent report, this industry will hit 589M people by 2020. eSportzBets.com is your global authority as far as eSports betting odds and predictions are concerned. Get ready to win.

The list of games with professional eSports competitions available for betting is overwhelming. Today, you will find popular eSports games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO), Dota 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty 2, League of Legends (LoL), among others. Whether you like betting on horse racing, poker, or casino games, eSportzBets.com is your go-to site. We keep on adding new eSports betting odds on all games so you will be able to choose a betting line that meets your current situation and allows you to win. If you are looking for consensus data on NFL regarding how Vegas bets on each game or the power rankings of the NCAA football to help you get better at handicapping and point spread bets, you will get full information here. Very soon, you will be receiving halftime eSports betting odds, line move histories, and guidelines for reading and beating the NFL point spreads.

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eSports Betting: Games and Tournaments

It is exciting to watch the expansive eSport base. While the professional gaming leagues dated back in 2000, eSports started capturing attention from the public in 2013. The global audience has been growing exponentially since then, resulting in tremendous money line pools as well as a lot of enthusiasm from a high number of eSports players. The most famous games have moved from low wagers to a tremendous list of eSports betting odds in major sportsbooks. The prominent games are available for betting on eSportzBets and many other events will be making their way to the site soon. Take the chances and win.

  • League of Legends bets (LoL) is arguably the most popular eSport which is taking the MOBA category into an explosion
  • Dota 2 betting: This multi-player online Battle arena was among the beginner games for eSports
  • Hearthstone bets: Unlike most eSports, Hearthstone involves individual players as opposed to teams
  • CSGObetting: A first-person shooter game involving multiple players and an arena of two teams- Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists
  • Call of duty 2: Another first-person shooter game with team

The LoL has various tournaments spread across the globe. For example, it provides a World Championship whereby players from various parts of the world compete through a point system and a number of tournaments. The seasons normally start in December or January every year and ends in October or November. Last year (2017), the LoL World Championship had a prize pool of more than $4.1M. Today, you can bet and win real money line by betting on both major and minor events.

Why should You Make eSportzBets.com Your eSports Betting Home?

If you want to be a successful player, it is imperative that you comprehend this whole idea of eSports betting odds so you will be able to spread your chances and win like a pro. Do you know how to set a betting line? And do you know why the lines change on NFL odds list in the course of the week? Check around if you want to boost your odds of beating point spreads. We work with eSports experts who are excellent at explaining poker odds as well as casino veterans who advise us on the statistics behind those games. Find robust sections of wagering events and tips on how to make the right picks or finding the best eSports betting odds.

Your feedback is welcome. It will help us to improve our site as an international authority for eSports betting predictions and odds. Don’t forget to check if there is a bonus for each game that you play.

Popular eSports Bets

If you have ever gambled on any online casino, you feel at home with this type of betting. After learning the rules of every game, this process becomes as easy as betting NFL point spreads. Many eSports involve sides, total bets, and numerous odds options e.g. team and player propositions and in-play wagering.

  • Sides and outrights

You can make wagers and win big on an eSports like you would in an NHL money line. In the popular eSports, drawing odds are infinitesimal. The commonest wager on eSports is the outright bet. The bet is about how each player will win the match without a point spread. In most American sites, the outright bets are listed as money line odds while in the UK, they are expressed as fractions.

  • Point Spreads and Handicaps

A match can have a point spread, a handicap market, or both. If you understand a puck line (hockey) or run line (baseball), handicaps and point spreads should be easier to understand.

Apart from the eSports betting predictions and odds, you will find faster live odds from other sportsbooks which will be accompanied by comprehensive reviews and charts giving details of how the NFL over-under is moving in the course of the week. Basically, you will find better sports statistics to help you win big. Lastly, don’t ever dive into eSports betting if you don’t have sufficient knowledge on the games, leagues, and players.