Neteller Esports Betting – Use Neteller for Online Betting Deposits

Neteller is one of the most famous e-wallet payment systems worldwide. Many popular online esports betting sites in Europe offer it to securely deposit and withdrawal betting funds. It is an online payment system used for sending and receiving funds from over 200 countries. Esports betting sites that accept Neteller allow individuals to use a fast and secure system for depositing funds. Now you can easily withdraw your Neteller betting esports winnings directly to your bank or through an ATM.

Neteller – Fast and Secure e-wallet Payment Solution

To summarize it, it is an electronic fund transfer service that provides e-wallet payment systems. Its parent company Paysafe Group is headquartered in the Isle of Man and is entirely regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an electronic financial institution. In 2015, Paysafe merged Neteller with Skrill to form one of the largest online payment system providers in the world. It still runs as an independent company and provides its service in more than 23 currencies worldwide.

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Undoubtedly, it is a successful esports betting payment method that is being preferred over the usual e-wallets available online. It brings many additional benefits with its money transfer services, including VIP levels for extended esports deposit and withdrawal limits. Its VIP users can manage different accounts in different currencies and can transfer large sums with ease.

Neteller betting esports is safer as it isolates the financial information of esports betting users from the third parties and esports sites. Moreover, it provides an excellent platform for mobile devices with an easy to use interface and faster connectivity.

Using Neteller for eSports Betting Sites

Many major bookmakers in Europe offer Neteller for betting payments and deposits. You can create a normal wallet account or a VIP account. As the name suggests, the VIP account offers you several perks that other users cannot enjoy, such as saving enormous fees and larger fund limits. You can link your funding account to multiple different esports sites at the same time.

Betting sites that accept Neteller will allow you to select it as your preferred payment method. Simply enter the desired amount in the payment field in your esports account, and you will be redirected to Neteller for login. Upon successful login and verification of your account, the funds will be uploaded to your esports account. You can then use these funds immediately to place live online esports bets.

Neteller account is linked to your bank account, and it acts as a secure layer between your bank and the bookmaker sites. You can also obtain a NET+ MasterCard which is like a prepaid card that can be used to withdraw your esports betting winnings through any ATM around the world.

Which Betting Sites Accept Neteller?

Almost all the popular online bookmakers support esports betting with Neteller. It is a favorite among major esports sites because of the relatively high transfer speeds and the security if is able to offer. It is not available in the US for payments to esports betting sites. Meanwhile, in the UK, most of the betting sites that accept Neteller will display the payment method badge on their sites.

Some of the popular ones that allow free deposits are: Betway esports, Arcanebet,, Buff bet esports betting, 888sport, NetBet, Ladbrokes, BetVictor, Coral, Betsafe, UniBet, RaceBets.

Fees and Charges Levied on Neteller eSports Betting

It may not be a feasible solution for people who want to withdraw small amounts since the charges levied will be way higher. To save large fees or to take advantage of the promotions, one can upgrade to the VIP accounts. There are 5 different VIP levels starting from Bronze and ending with Diamond. Thus Neteller betting esports create a lot of flexibility for the user by perfectly tailoring the levels to the individual needs of its customers.

Below are the maximum limits and fees associated with Neteller:

– Transfer limits $ 10,000 USD – $ 2,000,000 USD per year

– Daily transfer limit $ 1,000 – $ 3,300 per day

– Currency exchange fee 3.79% – 1.29%

– ATM withdrawal fee 1.75% – 4 €

Safety and Security Associated with Deposits via Neteller

Undoubtedly, Neteller is the alpha among the major e-wallet payment solution providers when it comes to the safety of the transactions. It follows robust security standards such as high-end multi-layered encryption technology and 2-factor authentication.

Its compatibility with the Google Authenticator app allows users to prevent any unauthorized access to their Neteller account. The Google app generates a new security PIN every few minutes. Even with the login details, unethical access cannot be established without the correct PIN.

Neteller is equally safe and secure on mobiles and tablet devices. Furthermore, such payments for esports betting are guarded by VISA and MasterCard firewalls and security, ensuring the highest levels of security at any given stage.

Deposit eSports Betting Funds Using Neteller

You can deposit funds for online esports betting in your currency using Neteller. There are many ways to deposit money into your e-wallet using different payment method esports. A bank transfer usually takes up to 3 business days, however, credit or debit cards uploads are much faster in comparison. The funds in your wallet can be then deposited to different bookmakers for making bets with real money. Using Neteller for payments to bookmakers helps you in protecting your financial information from third parties.

Now withdraw your Neteller esports betting winnings easily to your bank. A Net + Prepaid card can be obtained from your account, and it will arrive in 10-14 business days to your physical address. You can use your prepaid card to withdraw your esports funds through a local ATM. There is a one-time fee for generating a prepaid card, but any withdrawals from the ATM come free of charges. The prepaid card can also be used for online shopping and offline purchases at local stores.

There is more you can do with your Neteller account. You can easily send money to other similar users worldwide. Many companies use it for making client and contract payments for their services. Although the fees associated with Neteller esports deposits are higher in contrast to other payment providers, yet it is one of the safest and fastest e-wallet services in the UK. Neteller esports betting is seamless and comfortable which is why it is the favorite of majority esports enthusiasts in Europe.