Fortnite Betting Sites 2020

After Fortnite Battle Royale came out in 2017, the royale battle esports game genre was in for a real boom. As well as 2018 and 2019, 2020 is supposed to be the big year for esports betting Fortnite fans, where Fortnite betting really gets going. Fortnite is currently on everyone’s lips as it has become an absolute hit in a short time. It is a free game from the Battle Royale genre where many players compete online, and you can place Fortnite bets on whoever survives the last for he is the winner.

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eSports Betting Fortnite – $100 Million Game!

This is not a joke – Epic Games will invest one hundred million dollars in the esports season 2020 for its own Fortnite game. Thanks to the free to play distribution model (as opposed to PUBG betting, which is paid), the game is the leader in views on Twitch and Youtube. The bookmakers are desperately looking for innovative solutions to open up for esports betting Fortnite. There are 100 players in a round and few chances of whether one player will win as the last man standing, which makes Fortnite betting even more interesting!

In June 2018, Epic Games held the first ever Fortnite tournament – PRO AM. The major esports betting Fortnite sites are, Betway, Bet365, Unikrn and others offered to deliver betting markets to large Fortnite tournaments. With such a speedy development, it is possible that the Fortnite betting will catch up with CSGO betting. So far there is no information at all about the season with a prize fund of 100 million (except the announcement itself). It is assumed that the season will be held in the usual framework of esports, starting in the fall and ending in the summer.

Best Fortnite Betting Sites

Fortnite Esports Betting

With the rapid growth of the esports betting around the world, it is not surprising that more and more esports tournaments, rewarded with generous prizes, are announced every now and then. The various betting markets are now so differentiated that you can lose yourself in them. We can help you in choosing the best Fortnite betting sites with excellent betting odds, live betting, professional customer support and with a large selection of other popular esports titles.

Fortnite Betting Types

One of the simplest forms of esports betting refers to the overall winner of a tournament. You have a selection of teams at your disposal, and you can decide who in your opinion has the best chance of winning the tournament. First Blood, which is a reward for the player and team that achieves the first kill in a match. You can place a bet on the first team to score 10 kills. As a rule, bookmakers take bets only on the most famous participants of the battle. You can also place a wager on:

– Top player (or team) with most kills;

– The total survival time of a player (or team);

– Fastest 5 kills or winner of a round;

– Long-term bets on tournament winners.

Battle Royale Gameplay Explained

Fortnite Esports Betting Sites

Let us quickly explain the gameplay – All 100 players land in the fight for survival on an island, and it is fought until only one team or player lives. Thus, there is a wide range of players from casual gamers to professional players, and all compete against each other on the battlefield. The game has an unusual comic look and comes without explicit violence. A game of Fortnite Battle Royale begins with a short stay in the lobby. You have to sit through a waiting period until a total of 100 players have joined (lasts a few seconds).

As the round starts, you fly over the map in a battle bus, and you can jump where you want to land. On a successful landing, you have to quickly look for weapons as other participants are trying to do the same. In the course of the round, the map is limited by a shrinking storm. Thus even if your strategy is to avoid everyone else, you will have to encounter other last survivors at the end. The goal is simple – survive as the last one!


Fortnite Battle Royale is still in its infancy in the esports markets but is already one of the most anticipated by fans worldwide. Its developer Epic Games leaves no doubt about their vision for Fortnite.

Unfortunately, there are no Fortnite odds available on any betting sites yet. For both newcomers and experienced, our esports guides will help you in choosing the best Fortnite betting sites. Of course, we will inform you as soon as the Fortnite betting odds are available on any these sites. Until then, you can find high odds for large tournaments of other famous esports titles like Overwatch and CS:GO.