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Safe Esports Betting with Interac E-transfer

When traditional banking option is not an option right now, Interac e-transfer Canada will help you out online, so you can continue playing on your favorite betting sites. All for your win!

 Interac Online: Powering Your Entertainment

Some banking options are not options anymore as we all switched to the online way of doing business, household things, even gambling! This is where Interac, the interbank network that operates in Canada, comes into play and changes users’ interaction with the banking institutions, betting sites, money e-transfer, and other legal e-banking operations. Moreover, its debit card system is now accepted at various e-sport betting websites and online casinos. Simply email funds to any participating banking account, all in one click!

How Safe Is Interac e-transfer for Betting Sites?

Now that is the #1 question from a person who wants the fun to last. If you are worried if the transactions will be safe and delivered when you need them, fear you not! Interac partners with most of the well-known banks and financial institutions throughout Canada. What does it mean? It only means the fact that it’s trusted by giants of the financial market that won’t mess up with the network, whose safety and security profile is low. Spoiler: Interac is not one of those.

How Safe is the Betting Site that Uses Interac?

Due to the security requirements, it supports the esports betting sites which can ensure operating according to transparency policy and provide high security of transactions. The rule of thumb is that if the network entrusts the provider with the option to deposit money, its (provider’s) protocols and encryption type allow transferring money safely. For now, the number of sites that offer e-transfer by Interac is low but when you see the sports bookie that is Interac e-transfer friendly, have no doubt: that will be safely delivered within few clicks.

Interac Betting Sites or How to Make Safe Payments

For those playing e-sports at CSGO betting sites or Dota 2 betting sites, finding legal and convenient payment option is a key to keeping their entertainment less burdensome. Luckily, there is Interac with the e-transfer solution! ‘How could it make it easier’, you’d ask? Easily! By simply transferring money from your account directly to the accepting site. Just as if you emailed your friend. Scroll down to see how a step-by-step procedure looks like!

How to Start with Interac E-Transfer

The good news here is that with Interac you can send, get, and e-transfer payments online for either business or entertainment purposes via financial institution in Canada. The better one is that the transaction fees are low or not applicable at all — that depends on the bank’s conditions. The best one is that it is an instant online solution for depositing funds to your sports bookie account. So what to do to try it now?

Step 1: Check Your Bank Information

If you want to make a payment or deposit money to your sportsbook provider, make sure your bank has Interac Online Transfer as an option. How to check it? Go to Interac website and look at the list of financial institutions that support Interac e-transfer/Online.

Step 2: Log In and Click “Deposit”

Log in to your sportsbook account, choose “Deposit” via Interac online (or Interac e-transfer), type the amount you wish to send. You will be redirected to complete e-transfer transaction in a pop-up window, where you’ll be asked to choose the bank you have an account in.

P.S. Some betting sites retain the right to change the bonus cash for sign up depending on the deposit method. Luckily for its users, they won’t be affected by it and still can claim $20 bonus when registering.

Step 3: Get Your Funds Ready to Win

After you hit “Deposit”, your online betting account will receive the money instantly. It’s a true treasure for a person, for whom speed and safety are the top priorities. After all, isn’t it a factor that makes a difference?

How to Sing Up for Interac Online?

After reading so many pros of using this payment method for e-sports betting, the obvious question is, “How do I sign up?”. Guess what? You are already in if your bank supports this type of e-transfer and the provider accepts it! So technically speaking, you don’t need to register, remember login and password, and… well, you know the drill. With this interbank option, everything is done within the existing banking account.

Online, On-the-Go, On point

What if you could deposit money to your gaming site regardless of your geographical location and the gadget you use? When doing Interac e-transfers/Online, you don’t have to run and switch to a desktop version to complete the transaction. If your betting site (or bank) has the mobile version, you are good to complete e-transfer and place that bet.

Nice-to-knows About Interac

When you decide to try (and, most likely, switch) to Interac e-transfers, there are few things to know from the start. First of all, it has a minimum deposit amount, which means that you can’t do any transaction less than 10 CAD. Comparatively to its alternatives like Skrill, Payoneer, or PayPal, their minimum amount is much larger.

The second thing you have to keep in mind is that any transaction you perform by using Interac Online is displayed in your banking statement. Take it as a part of transparency and security policy. Or a fee for convenience.

Third, because it’s a debit card system, you won’t be able to spend more than you actually have on your debit account. Why is that important? Well, a few reasons. Number one is that it doesn’t deal with credit money. Number two, if you are a punter, you know how sweet is the temptation to chase that win. From this perspective, it’s a good way to say when it’s time to stop.

So when you are placing the next bet, try Interac Online or Interac e-transfer deposit option. You’ll get high-quality, speedy, safe, and secure money transfer to its final destination to empower your win. Now, let’s see where it can take you.