Could you just go Easy on me? Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice


Let’s be honest with each other, there are times when we want to go into a game and go all in! However, let’s also be honest about those other days where we just want to relax, vegetate, and take it easy. So, maybe just ankle-deep in blood, this time. Right? Those are the days that I’m glad to have an easy setting on the game that I’m playing and why it’s frustrating now to have one in others, like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The truth of the matter is that I would play those games more often, but they don’t have an easy mode!

Now, I do understand that there are developers out there (FromSoftware in this case), who want you to have the best experience possible, and we’re glad they do. The problem is that some developers also believe that having an Easy Mode would somehow cheat us out of the great experience? I enjoy RPGs and I’m aware that combat is going to be part of it, but the first time around I just want to enjoy the plot and focus more on that aspect of the game. It’s later that I will go for higher and higher levels of difficulty swinging a sword around. So, be gentle with us and give us an easy setting? We promise, we’ll love the game just as much, and you’re not ruining anything for us!

Now, I’m sure that there are parts of the gaming world out there that love a game like Sekiro for the challenge and would believe that changing it would be akin to blasphemy. I’m sure that some of them would say that I’m not a “real” gamer for wanting an Easy Setting. I am almost certain that complaining about it is what “finds me out”! So, okay, you’ve got me then, I guess I’m not a “real” gamer. Sometimes my idea of relaxing and vegging out doesn’t involve the toughest battles that exist out there. I’m so glad that I came out of the closet! I feel relieved. You do have to admit, though when games like Sekiro are this difficult, most people will stay away, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

The point is that I’m not trying to take a dump on the creators of Sekiro, or the game itself. I’m a big fan of the Elder Scrolls games, but if it weren’t for the God Mode cheat, I probably wouldn’t have played it very often. It’s also a great game series, Oblivion, and Skyrim, being my favorites, and both received glowing reviews, and well they should have. The thing for me though is that I didn’t want to get killed a million times playing one measly side quest! The same is true here: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a fantastic game; you can see how much work was put into making it a great experience, but there are times when the frustration at dying for the tenth time can make playing the game start to seem more like a burden and less like something that’s meant to be enjoyable.

With this game, that burden is even more acutely felt by something that exists in other FromSoftware games, but not in this one. In the other software from this developer, you can actually call in people to help you in some of the more difficult encounters in the game. Hey, having that help isn’t something to spit on in some of those really iffy situations that you want just to get past and enjoy the game. This is a great idea that is, unfortunately, non-existent in this game. That’s a pity, because there are definitely moments in this game that an experienced person to come and rescue me in my time of need would definitely be welcome. For others, perhaps, this is a great challenge that will make them want to play this game forever, because it’s that challenging. I just want to relax after work knowing that I’m going to die a thousand times over the next week is more than a little disheartening, which means that I’ll probably move over to another game.

Will I come back to Sekiro? Sure, I always give a game a second chance, sometimes even a third, if it’s a game that’s gotten really good reviews. Sekiro is likely on the list of third chances, considering the reviews are spectacular. Metacritic has a score of ninety percent for it on both PC and the PS4. Its XONE rating is a little bit better at ninety-one percent. This all makes me wonder, if I’ve just gone plain nuts and that I’ve somehow fallen out of touch with reality. How can these esteemed critics be wrong? So, I guess I’m wrong. I guess I just don’t get what everyone else does, but that is just me, right?

The truth of the matter is that I’m not saying that this game is the exception to the rule, and shame on them for deciding what is and isn’t a proper level of difficulty for all of us. I’m saying that every game out there should allow extensive set-ups that would us to have a simple character creation for those who want to get going fast. Other people should be allowed to have an in-depth creation that allows us to be as detailed or as streamlined in our experience of starting a new game. This should be the convention for everyone so that every gamer can have the experience we want, and not the experience that is desired for us.

I know that there will always be purists who believe that just having an easy setting in the game would somehow defeat the purpose of it, but hey, realize that we’re not all like you!

Because, in the end, what’s the point of playing a game if we’re not enjoying ourselves?


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