Pubg is getting African Servers

Pubg Africa

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is one of the leading mobile applications, which does cover all the aspect of a decent battle royale. Many of its fans were pretty skeptical when they first heard of its release. However, it turned out that both PC and mobile versions function surprisingly good. Today, PUBG Mobile may easily challenge Fortnite mobile at the same time being proud of multiple exclusive features of their app. Every month, all the players are excited to receive another portion of quality content; thus, nothing holds PUBG Mobile from blossoming even more.

PUBG Wants to Conquer Africa

In the past, PUBG Mobile targeted the Middle East as its core target audience. Today, they’re setting a new goal of conquering the African market. In fact, their southern fans have been begging for the new servers being installed in Africa since 2017, the year when the game was first launched. You will get lost in the number of letters and petitions PUBG received through these years. And finally, there is a hope for the first African server to be introduced in the nearest future.

There is a chance to play PUBG Mobile all around the world; however, not having its servers close to one’s location may result in a less smooth experience. From now, you won’t have to wait a few seconds for PUBG Mobile to download. This will give you a profound advantage in setting a play with your opponent.

What is interesting, the official announcement from PUBG didn’t cover anything regarding PC and console versions. However, if the planned experiment will meet the expectations of the African audience, there will be no option but increasing the number of local servers.

In 2020, PUBG will hold its World League for mobile players and African fans will join the tournament by not only watching the streams but also taking part in it! The competition will be hot since there are many talented Asian and American players, who have been practicing a good game for more than two years due to the existing servers. However, nothing could be better than the fresh blood on board! Wait for the PUBG bets to get modified really soon!

Working out the African segment is a groundbreaking job, but PUBG would like to expand its potential even more. Rumor has it, PUBG is now in the process of negotiating with the famous TV-series “Walking Dead” meaning that we’ll a have a chance to enjoy some zombie-themed settings really soon.

Finally, Africa itself is quite an exotic spot for cybersports in general. There are not that many ways to develop the industry since not that many brands would like to take a big risk and welcome such a diverse audience on board. Hopefully, the precedent by PUBG will encourage its niche rivals to follow its brave steps and include a huge part of battle royale fans to the gamers’ community.


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