Dotinary numeral system

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Now is the perfect time to quit the old and boring decimal system of calculation. So, let’s move to the Dota calculation language together with arcanebet esports betting.

0 – IceFrog

Undoubtedly, IceFrog should be estimated as the reference point of our calculation system since he was the one who created the former basis of the Dota world.

1 – Pajkatt

Pajkatt is the worldwide known Dota player who had been a member of the following line-ups during his career: Natus Vincere, Alliance, Evil Geniuses, OG, OpTic Gaming, etc. Remarkably, 1 shows the number of LAN Tournaments that Pajkatt has won during his more than 10-year long career of Dota player.


XBOCT is a legendary Ukrainian player who was rated 4 out of 10 according to the analysts of the Beyond The Summit. Even though XBOCT won several tournaments, his rating has never become higher.

5 – FMD

Five Man Dota remains one of the most popular modes and can be counterbalanced only by the enemy’s FMD. FMD is based on several inequalities claiming that five is more than four, three, two, and one.

6 – VP

6 is told to be the’s favorite position at The International. The discussed team will not be able to take any other position in the tournament until the player Ramzes666 changes the numbers in his nickname.

7 – TuskarFunn1k

It was one of his most famous matches when Gleb Funn1k Lipatnikov has lost with the score 0 to 7.

8 – Director

Zhang Xiao8 Ning, the winner of The International 2014, appears to be one of the most titled players in the history of Dota. The mentioned player has chosen the nickname Xiao8 since all the nicknames of Xiao from 1 to 7 were already taken.

9 – Nine

Leon Nine Kirilin is a famous German-Russian player, now playing for Kaban. Leon is also known as the first German player in the ranking who scored 9k mmr.

10 – bkb

10-second bkb. Hmmm… Can you smell it?

11 – ppd

Peter “ppd” Dager is a legendary TI winner. Given the fact that the sodium 11th in the periodic table, no further explanations needed.

17 – GreaterBash

Developers write that Spirit Breaker has a Greater Bash chance to hit 17%. In fact, this chance tends to be closer to zero if Bar plays for your team, and, vice versa, close to 100% if for someone else.

99 – Funn1kFact

According to Gleb Funn1k Lipatnikov, the only desire of 99% of the CIS players is to degrade and be increasingly inadequate. In contrast, the 1% left includes only Kuro KuroKy Salehi Tahasomi, Zhang Xiao8 Ning and, surprisingly, Gleb Funn1k Lipatnikov himself.

250 – AdmiralBulldog

AdmiralBulldog has once told an interesting story about his accidental meeting with a 250 kg moose.

322 – Solo

The number represents the amount of money (in USD) that Alexei Solo Berezin won in the Dota 2 tournament when he won a bet against his own team.

430 – Ferrari

Luo “Ferrari_430” Feichi, the winner of The International 2012. The player added 430 at the end of his nickname, since the nickname “Ferrari” was already taken by another player.

450 – CoupDeGrace

450% is a multiplier of Phantom Assassin’s critical hit.

633 – Bzz

633is a team member of Old But Gold. Stanislav 633 Glushan, who is considered to be the most unlucky player in the history of Dota, has failed to enter The International five times.

666 – Apostle

They say that Roman RAMZES666 Kushnaryov is the apostle of our time.

1437 – I love you forever

Sivatiban 1437 Sivanatapillai, decrypts his nickname as the number of letters in the phrase “I love you forever”.

1488 – MindControL

Ivan Borislavov Ivanov is one of the Liquid’s players. Also, MindControL is known as one of the world’s best offlaners and a true Aryan.

2k – OG

In the nearest future, all teams will be 2k mmr plebeians compared to the great OG team.

3154 – EternaLEnVy

Jackie Mao is not just a famous player, but, in fact, a secret Chinese agent that assisted top Western teams to win their rivals (but members of Mao’s team at the same time). At EPICENTER 2016, during the game between Newbee and Team Secret, a funny episode happened. Kaka “accidentally,” wrote the numbers 3154 in the general chat while 31:54 was the time when Aegis was supposed to end.

3800 – SacredRelic

The constant value of the most expensive item in the shop. If you kill a player several times before he accumulates 3800, then the probability of ending the game 4 to 5 increases.

9k – Miracle

The first player in the world who reached 9000 mm.

10k – PajkattClub

According to the Dota rules, PajkattClub can be joined by those who collected 6 slots, accumulated 10k gold, and lost the game.

1kk – DreamCoil

Just for those willing to enjoy DreamCoil for $1 in the fifth decisive map of The International 2013 one more time.

Good luck and PajkattClub to everyone!