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The Catch is in the Patch…

Everyone probably noticed that there was a patch for CSGO (Civil Strike: Global Offensive) on the 13th of March. Patches are normal, they happen in every game. It even happens to the good ones. This one, however, hid something a little more devious and a little more pricey. It was mostly welcome, this being a major update that fixed a number of issues that were nagging players.
Speaking of betting, all these trends significantly impact on trends associated with CSGO skin betting.

The only issues were an AUG price increase, raising the ceiling to thirty-three hundred dollars, and yes, you read that right! Other than that, the M4A1-S has had its magazine size increased and the prices for the CSGO skins have also been through an adjustment. Because we’re talking about some of the heavier and more popular weapons on CSGO, a bit of fluctuation in price was expected. We’re betting that this isn’t going to stop any time soon, though.

The M2A1-S is definitely going to be able to boast some new CSGO skins, but the AUG has been getting the most popularity, and is usually the most talked about. These new skins might just give the former a boost in visibility. Before the M4A4 and the M5A1-S were seeing rare use, but now we’re seeing them show up more often, thanks to the use of a combination of three rifles.

Popularity does affect prices, though, and this game is no exception to the rule. Before the last patch, the Hyper Beast retailed at about seven dollars and fifty cents. After the patch? It’s now hitting about twelve dollars, even. Hopefully, as interest wanes and then stabilizes, so will the price. This is likely, but we are not likely to see the price come back down to what it was before, not all the way. The Golden Coil used to be fourteen dollars and fifty cents, and now it’s all the way up to twenty-four!

With popularity comes opportunity, and it might be a good time to sell anything that’s in your inventory which you don’t need, but it’s getting a premium price right now. Conversely, if there’s anything you’ve had your eye on to buy, you might want to wait until the price drops a bit before you acquire it.

One to look at, if you’re looking at an opportunity to buy, would be an AUG skin. Despite the price of the gun actually going up, the price of the CSGO skins for this weapon actually have decreased. So, if you’re searching for a new look for your AUG, now might be the time, and we’re betting that it just might be!

As for everything else, you’ll want to keep an eye on those shifting prices, if something comes up that has seen a significant decrease in cost, now might be the right time to buy. However, rising prices are an indicator to stay away for now.

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