M4A1-S Comebacks in CS:GO


Return to Grace?

CS:GO has just gone through another update, this one more significant than others.

Many betting sites would have said that the AUG’s new case was going to steal the show, but there were a lot more changes to the game than just that. There were changes to weapons, gameplay, not to mention the addition of new skins on which you can bet. This most recent change also addressed an error that appeared to have occurred earlier on. Perhaps this wasn’t an error so much as an oversight. And what was that, you ask? It’s the M4A1-S, of course. It’s had a problem keeping up with the other weapons in the game and was eventually sidelined by many players in appreciation of superior weapons.

Why not the M4A1-S?

So why is it that this weapon is just not getting picked up? This weapon is a modification of the M4, boasting a silencer, which should be really kick-arse! Right? You’d think so. A betting site would lay odds for it to be a great weapon in CSGO. The addition of the silencer actually makes you invisible on the map, making your location difficult to fathom. It’s even pretty accurate for its category.

Here’s the problem: The M4A1-S’s disadvantages start with its fire rate. It’s cousin, the M4A4 has a dizzying six hundred and sixty-six rounds per minute. The M4A1-S clocks in at six hundred rounds per minute. Is this the destruction of all that is good with this rifle? No, but it doesn’t help. Professionals need to be able to hit as much as they can in a short period of time, and that reduction in fire rate is likely to push the experts to its cousin.

The next issue is visibility, whether in real life or in a virtual world, like CSGO betting sites, a silencer adds considerable length to any weapon, and the M4A1-S is no exception to that rule. As a result, sniping someone isn’t very easy as your location can be given away by the astonishingly long gun you’re touting! Even when walking around corners or out of doorways, they’re going to see your gun, and that’s long enough for most to line up a shot.

The last issue with the M4A1-S is ammo. There just isn’t enough that comes with this weapon, and despite an increase in the number of magazines, it just isn’t enough.

The New Deal!

This is where the new CSGO patch come roaring in. Steam has decided to address the complaints that players were making about the magazine problem. The primary magazine now has twenty-five bullets instead of just twenty. Your reserve has also increased from sixty to seventy-five. Is it the equivalent magazine to the M4A4? No, but it is much closer now. This minor reduction in the amount of ammo you can carry with you compared to the benefit of getting the silencer might be just enough now to convince others to pick one up.

So, is the M4A1-S coming back with a roar? We can only wait and see…