Main CS:GO Tournaments of the Year

Cs go best tournaments 2019

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a legendary game that doesn’t give up its positions on the market regardless of its age. Even though there is a record number of people enjoying this battle royale, some of the competitions might seem less sophisticated compared to Dota 2 and Fortnite.

In fact, CS: GO was the first battle royale to inspire majors. At the time, the prize pool wasn’t big enough to attract a wide audience. However, after Dota 2 launched its Internationals, it became clear that the concept introduced by CS: GO will work out as well in the nearest future. Today, we can enjoy up to 15 major tournaments all held on the professional level.

eSportzbet has prepared rating of the main CS GO Tournaments in this season

The tension on the cybersports market was caused by numerous professional tournaments appearing within the niche. This year, CS: GO organized two fantastic events to be recognized by the community. Looking at the CSGO money betting, you’ll be surprised how dynamic the figures got.

The most qualified teams within the discipline gathered in Katowice – quiet Polish town, which already has experience in hosting cybersports events. StarLadder was a Ukrainian company to take care of all the logistics in collaboration with the Chinese Imba TV.

Between two Majors, there were a few surprisingly good events to strongly influence the competitors’ positions. Let’s see the list of the cross-major tournaments

World Electronic Sports Games 2018

When? 11.03.2019 – 17.03.2019

Where? Chongqing, China

How big is the prize pool? $890,000

You may be already familiar with the World Electronic Sports Games held in China. They dedicate special attention to the cybersports trying to promote it as well as any other sports. Such an innovative approach attracted many national teams to take part in the tournament even though they have to work in the experimental format.

Chinese made it clear that their guests have to follow all the newly designed rules and regulations. Such teams as MIBR felt comfortable enough since they introduce a mono-national roster. On the contrary, such teams as CIS seem to feel awkward (judging from the results of the last year).

For example, at the sixteenth round, Russian and Ukrainian teams left the competition even though being famous for strong teams. Playing in a mono-national team is a significant discouraging factor since there is no opportunity to have smooth gameplay with the relatively strange people. Practicing team spirit in the CS: GO is a time-consuming process; that’s why some of the countries simply reject to participate instead of focusing on the other tournaments.

At the same time, Bulgarian team Windigo Gaming overcame the challenge and won a half a million dollars adding this sum to $200,000 at AGO Esports. Some of the specialists mentioned this precedent to be an exception forecasting future for the Chinese tournament. Well, seems like WESG organizers follow a different opinion trying to promote mono-national teams as a tendency for their future championships without considering a chance for a compromise.

StarSeries & i-League Season 7

When? 30.03.2019 – 7.04.2019

Where? Shanghai, China

How big is the prize pool? $500,000

China is considered to be the motherland of cybersports and no wonder it appears on this list again. This time, it gathered 16 teams including both newbies and old school teams in the lineup. Seeing the performance by Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, and Vitality was fantastic! Navi from Ukraine and Swedish Fnatik played the final round demonstrating a mature professional game. Some suggest that the Ukrainian team should not have won the tournament since destroying Fnatic, which is getting weaker with every play.

IEM season XIV

When? 30.04.2019 – 5.05.2019

Where? Sydney, Australia

How big is the prize pool? $250,000

Nothing could be compared to the supreme performance of Team Liquid in Sydney this year. Even though their play with Fnatik was quite tense, they won scoring 3:2. After, they were aimed at earning $1 million by winning 4 out of 10 tournaments by ESL and DreamHack. This ambitious plan didn’t work; however, the result wasn’t as important as the process itself in this case.

Team Liquid was playing again Ninjas in Pyjamas winning 3:0 still having issues. The Swedish faced difficulties since there was a significant playoff advancement brought by the 3rd position within the group meaning they had to play just one match afterward. This time, Fnatik didn’t want to let Team Liquid win but the last ones were fortunate enough to get the final prize $100,000.

Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019

When? 28.05.2019 – 2.06.2019

Where? Dallas, the USA

How big is the prize pool? : $250,000

DreamHack annual tradition is to host two tournaments in different locations. Last year, the organizers decided to show CS: GO fans two biggest touristic spots – Stockholm and Marseille. Thus, Texas was chosen as the first spot in 2019 stressing out how global the audience is. The experts say that Team Liquid won just because there was no Danish Astralis, who would supposedly kick their butts. $100,000 went to Team Liquid’s pocket after a battle with the Finnish ENCE.

ESL One Cologne 2019

esl Cologne CS GO

When? 2.07.2019 – 7.07.2019

Where? Cologne, Germany

How big is the prize pool? $300,000

If sports fans praise Olympia, which is believed to be the origin of the sports, the esports fans chose German Cologne to become their holy city. CS: GO is not the only game to be played in Cologne on the global level. One of the Internationals by Dota was also held here.

By the way, Cologne is a magic city since many unexpected events happen here. When almost everybody placed their bets on Team Liquid taking the first place, another leader taught them a lesson. And guess what, that’s not Astralis! Vitality from France is a powerful team but who knew that they can ever win Team Liquid!

As you see, CS: GO is way more dynamic than it can seem! Whereas some teams rise and fall, some keep performing on a stable level. Depending on the type of the tournament, even the strongest team can fail! Cheer up for your favorite teams – 4 more months of tournaments will be hot!


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