PUBG New Ping System Borrowed from APEX Legends

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PUBG received a new long-awaited update this June, and it contains some exciting features that you might have already seen in other games.

This is the 30th update for PUBG the players have seen since the game left Steam Early Access stage, and this one looks like a major game-changer. With more than 5GB of data to download, you can imagine there is much going on in this update. Indeed, some major changes have been made to the game mechanics and some new features added to change your play style and make you even deadlier than before.

First thing’s first, they are adding a grappling hook. This will allow you to get down from the high altitude faster and safer. Also, you’ll be able to use the hook to traverse the land faster by hopping over the high walls and other obstacles on your way. This is a nice addition to the game that will hopefully not ruin the flow of the game.

The next thing they add is an item ping system. So now you can call some items from beyond the safe zone, and they will lend somewhere nearby. As much as a grappling hook, this idea belongs to APEX Legends. Hopefully, PUBG will be able to incorporate these ideas better than APEX Legends did. This will attract the new players to the game and reflect on the PUBG bets too. That is why we’d suggest you stay updated with the changes that happen in the game. The grappling hook and the ping system, of course, are not the only new things coming to the game.

New vehicle in PUBG

For all you heavy machinery lovers out there, the new armored vehicle is coming to PUBG, and this thing is a real hell on wheels. The new BRDM-2 vehicle will replace the UAZ becoming a real power to be reckoned with. This is an amphibious vehicle that can sustain twice as much damage as UAZ could. Additionally, it can sustain several grenade explosions, has wheels that cannot be pierced, and is literally a death machine on the loose.

The new Desert Eagle will also be a nice addition to all of you sharpshooters. This will be the next most powerful handgun that can be found across all the maps. It can also be modified to an extent to run around like a tough gunslinging cowboy with a huge gun in your hand.

The 30th patch looks like a promising and long-awaited breath of fresh air in PUBG, and hopefully, it will help the game get some of its players back from Fortnite and APEX Legends. There are lots of new things to explore and have fun within PUBG, and the new patch only adds to the fun.

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