The Fortnite Phenomena: How A Generic Game Has Conquered The World Over The Course Of 1 Year

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There are video games people love, and Fortnite just stands out. There is no way you haven’t at least heard about it: so-called “battle royale” released by Epic Games was easily the biggest hit of 2018. It’s out on every gaming platform imaginable, many celebrities of all kinds play it, and it was installed over 100 millions times. It seemed like nobody would remember this multiplayer adventure in 1 year after the release. However, Fortnite proved otherwise. And, as it happens with every popular game, it’s only a matter of time when sites such as Betway Esports start accepting bets on competitive matches.

The pursuit of success: how Fortnite became a top choice for betting with Betway Esports

In 2011, zombies were basically everywhere. The Walking Dead series, zombie movies like World War Z or Zombieland, games such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, and Dead Rising. Back then, Minecraft was basically the only resting place from the ever-present zombie apocalypse. Also, MOBA releases like Dota 2 plus League of Legends began to quickly invade the online gaming market. So Epic Games, who just finished the Gears of War trilogy, quickly picked up on trends and started working on their new masterpiece called Fortnite.

However, things went wrong from the start. First Fortnite prototypes were created on an old but time-tested Unreal Engine 3. But it quickly became obvious that by the time of release the game would look too outdated. So eventually it was decided to switch to the Unreal Engine 4. As if it were not enough, design director Cliff Bleszinski had left Epic Games, which delayed the release even more: the first alpha version of Fortnite came out in late 2014.

Betway Esports: what did it take for Fortnite to become the hit of live betting

Not surprisingly, by 2017 almost everyone had forgotten about the Fortnite. Ideas that seemed so fresh and new in 2011 got outdated by 2017. However, that did not stop Fortnite from getting on the top of the greatest and most played games list offered on Betway. On this sportsbook site, you can place bets on the following games:

Since it’s such a popular software, by registering on the site, you automatically get a €30 bonus for free bets. That said, after the release of the game in 2017, Epic Games didn’t expect it to become such a success. It seemed like almost nobody cared about the ill-fated sandbox zombie shooter: back then, everybody was super hyped about PUBG. For this reason, Epic Games made the best decision in the history of the company: they decided to take the game to a new direction and turn it into a “battle royale”.

David and Goliath: why Fortnite is more popular in betting online than PUBG

Needless to say, everybody started to blame Epic Games for stealing the idea from PUBG. However, PUBG clearly had its problems, such as bad optimization, high price, an abundance of bugs and cheaters. Whereas Fortnite attracted new players but its free-to-play model, unique building mechanics, and appealing visual style. Still, nowadays PUBG retains the majority of its players, and if you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to use your €30 Betway Esports bonus.

Inspired by the success of Fortnite and PUBG, many clones had surfaced. In light of this, the developers of PUBG tried to sue Epic Games for plagiarism in order to remain the hottest battle royale, but to no avail. By that time, there was nothing that could prevent Fortnite from becoming mainstream. It was publicly played by Drake and other trendy performers and even streamed on the New Year’s Eve in New York’s Times Square. As of today, Fortnite’s total revenue has reached $8 billion, and Epic Games do not intend to stop there.


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