The Reboot Van is Coming to Fortnite

fortnite reboot Van

Is that a zombie coming around the corner? Is that a monster lumbering out of the shadows? No, it’s your worst nightmare! The Reboot Van is coming! I know what you’re thinking: they’ve given up on Tom Holland, and we’re in for yet another reboot of Spider-Man. Well, all bets are off! Tom’s job is still safe. What we’re actually talking about is the arrival of new curiosity in Fortnite. The 8.30 update of the game is coming out soon, and it’s going to feature a Reboot van.

What, you might ask, is a reboot van? It’s actually an idea that’s been borrowed from Apex Legends. In that game, if you have a member of your team killed, you can use a Respawn Beacon to resurrect that character. In Fortnite, you use a

Respawn Card and bring it to the, you guessed it, reboot van to bring your dearly departed back from the dead.

Now, realize that they won’t return with everything they had before. It really does reboot the character back to basics. But, hey, back to basics is still back, right? Once you’ve taken advantage of the reboot van, it will need to recharge before it can be used again.

So, why this addition? There were some recent changes to the game that had players upset and is the likely way that Epic Games has decided to fix it rather than simply restore it back to how it was.

Now, you might have noticed that Apex Legends rolled something out, and then Fortnite did something very similar. Why? Because they’re in direct competition, of course. No Fortnite bets on that one! Because of Apex Legends coming out and taking away some of their bases, Epic Games decided to see what they could do to be more competitive and bring some of those people back. What really happened though was only a small dip in the number of the players on their game.

Apex Legends is a great game in its own right, so what’s wrong with a little friendly competition? Well, in this case, it was the Fortnite developers getting a little over-eager with updates that were unpopular with players contributing to the problem. This step in the wrong direction allowed Apex to take the stage.

And Apex did. They were able to come in with a number of successful changes to the basics of this form of the online game. These changes and innovations were heavily praised by critics and players alike putting Fortnite, and Epic Games, in the green department of envy.

And so, the introduction of the Reboot Van. Is it going to be a success? Likely, but Fortnite’s developers are probably going to have to do more to keep their subscribers.


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