What is the Secret of Bucharest Minor Popularity

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Cybersport is gaining increasing popularity in the world every year. Gradually, the number of disciplines is settled, teams from different countries grind each other in fierce battles, becoming champions, and the fanbase goes mad at the level of football fans. Huge money is invested in eSports, as well-trained players will be able to win awesome cash prizes at major championships. As in any other sport, people place Dota 2 bets on winning or losing certain teams, trying to predict the course of events and make some money. Everyone can find dota 2 betting odds, usу their own experience, analysis of past matches and an internal premonition to make their bet. If a person has at least some skills of sports analytics and is watching the championships, why not use it to make money? In this article, we will talk about the Bucharest Minor – the next tournament on the Dota 2 professional tour.

Teams List

The Bucharest Minor offers 500 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Points for the 2018/2019 season. Eight teams can take part in the tournament and a gift for the team with the highest score at the end of the season will be guaranteed tickets to the International 9. And so, let’s consider which teams take part in the championship. Among the participants, there are two European Qualifiers and two Chinese Qualifiers, and also one North America Qualifier, one South America Qualifier, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Southeast Asia (SEA) Qualifiers.

After the Chongqing Major, the direct-invite teams in each region were announced. Some European teams were invited, and some had to earn their place among the six European qualifiers. So, an invitation was received by OG, Ninja Pyjamas, The Final Tribe and Vega Squadron teams. Hippomaniacs and Helsinki REDS broke into the list with the fight.

Also, CompLexity Gaming and TEAM TEAM received direct invitations to North American Qualifier. The list also included Ultra Plus, but unfortunately, EternalEnvy and SnayKing had to leave Ultra Plus to join Infamous. Their roster still remains unknown for the moment, so their slot got is open to the Open Qualifier. Test 123 and Anime11Esports also fought for their place in the list.

The Playmakers Esports and Infamous Young were listed to play in South America Qualifier by invites. There will be two more teams joining them from the Open Qualifiers. EternalEnvy from Infamous as a first player and Timado as a second one passed a difficult selection through the Closed one, along with WP Gaming.

Empire Hope and Gambit Esports will play with two teams from the Open Qualifier and this what will make the Closed one incredibly exciting. Team Winstrike and Empire Faith from the Open Qualifier will be their enemy in the Closed Qualifiers. Nemiga gaming was also qualified.

Clutch Gamers and WarriorsGaming. Unity have to earn their place in SEA Closed Qualifiers. And they will do it with six other teams from the third tier. Mineski and BOOM ID are the teams that direct invited into SEA Closed Qualifier while TNC Predator and Fnatic able to secure themselves into the main tournament of ChongQing Major. Clutch Gamers secured themselves into Closed Qualifier while WarriorsGaming. Unity still have a match against 4SGK.

Such things are happening now in the whirlpool of the Dota 2 championships. If you have confidence in who can win or lose and if you have experience in playing games or friends who can tell on whom to bet, use your chance. Good luck and keep up with the news. The following tournaments will be really fascinating. Support your favorite team.


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