A Well Known CS:GO Cheater Cheats Again But For The Last Time

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The esports tournament admins had reported a player from Optic India team that he used cheat software in LAN match, during Intel Zowie Extremesland tournament. Although Optic allowed the international players recently to become a part of their line up, they decided to let India-squad play a match, but then the disaster happened. Nikhil Forsaken Kumawat, who also cheated a couple of times on some of the previous esports CS tournaments, was caught by the admins that he was using a hack tool that improved his playing and the overall results. Betway esports, and also other esports betting sites, have been in a great panic, after discovering that Kumawat was an esports cheater.

The Team Had A Chance, But Forsaken Did Blow The Whole Thing

Intel Zowie Extremesland is one of the biggest CS tournaments and getting there is not an easy task at all. Considering that Optic India is not such a popular team, they had a great chance to prove their qualities and skills. However, they did have poor results, but they managed to gain attention and come into the tournament as an equal team. Everything went down when they had to face with the terrible fact that one of their players used a cheat tool, which was just another example of bad luck after they had lost their first match the day before.

During the match, the esports administrators had to pause the game to see what is happening, and some of them even huddled around the PC that Forsaken used. As the tournament utilizes B5 anti-cheat software platform that detects any exploits and bugs, it did not take much before the admins realized someone used hacks. Forsaken did refuse at first to let anyone inspect his computer, in order to check for any background programs and software that was running during the match. As soon as they decided to use their right to inspect the background, Forsaken wanted to terminate and remove the hacking program, which he did. Still, we are living in 2018, and the admins managed to recover the files and get the whole picture about what happened.

An Immediate Decision Was Made

The immediate decision was made – to disqualify Optic India from this tournament and exclude the player from all the esports competition. This results in the permanent ban of playing, and this is not the first time that some players had banned from esports community due to similar actions. Game developers and tournament administrators have been banning many players from the past, but what is more important is that these players also excluded from the team’s line up once forever. No one wants a cheater in his team as this demolishes team’s reputation and integrity and disqualifies the team from the esports competition. Forsaken did have a similar case before but was not banned from the esports community but this time was his last time.

An Official Statement From Optic Gaming

Jesal Parekh, who is a gaming international development director, said that Forsaken was no longer within the team due to his hack-related actions. Other players from the team confirmed that they did not know anything about the cheat tool and also said this was a blow to their team and reputation as they can only dream of the achievements of such tournament. At least till the next time, this team will have a chance for a tournament that is reputable. The whole team apologized to other players and administration as they had no clue about the Forsaken’s actions and that if they did have, they would not have played the match at all.