All About New Contracts Of Edge Esports

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What is Edge Esports? Tech platform and a new consultancy that is UK based. Their aim and goal are helping brands to connect with esports in order to make a successful and easy move into this space. You will find all about it from Adam Whyte who is the founder of that company. You will find out all about their plans, success, history, and esports betting sites PayPal.

 Everything you need to know about Edge Esports

The company connected brands to gaming and esports. They were using their twenty years of tech experience, 25 years of experience in the sport, and 30 years of gaming, in order to put an end to the something known as the wild west of esports. They now have revenue streams that are very distinct, and there is three of them. That is the IP creation, legal services, and equally important commercial deals. They do provide all of these services as a consultancy and via their tech platform. If you are an ardent fan of Dota 2 and not only watch matches, but also bet on Dota 2 – Read our new article about all the most important tournaments in 2019!

This platform uses smart contracts, so their legal qualifications are able to provide operators of a tournament and all the professional teams with management that are automated and is regarding contracts and payments. Speaking of consultancy as a role that the Edge has, they do leverage their relationships to brands, industry, and publishers. Their goal is to connect brands to gaming, teams to brands, and gamers to teams, all as a good functioning industry. They did help brands in creating their new IP and in launching products.

The founder of Edge was a little bit secretive when he talked about smart contracts. He said that people tried to poach their idea, and they tried to implement that idea without any understanding regarding legal issues and the necessary technology. But he said that those contracts would be a huge benefit to all parties involved. Gamers will have all needed, and available tools, access to the best payment and legal services will be available to every team, for just a fraction of the costs they pay now.

What do they mean when they said that their mission is ending wild west?

They claim that they used Wild West term because of the state of the market. There is an opportunity that is massive, but the industry always lacked regulatory bodies and infrastructure so they never could allow secure, scalable and safe growth. That is why the team of this company executed to this day 500 contracts of players, and they navigated more than astonishing 25 disputes. And they are growing quite rapidly. The only problem is that if there aren’t any good systems, skills, and tools, the whole industry will become rife with opportunists taking advantage and with corruption.

Regarding Echampions event that this company worked on, there were some problems. What were those problems? The founder said that there is no excuse for the fact that Louis Bell, Luka Zak, and Ryan Bertrand decided that it will be a great idea to encourage sixteen gamers (among them there were children that were 13 years old) to go from all over the country and from other parts of the world, to London. The gamers came on their own coin trying to wine prize of t thousand pounds.

And to this date, no one received a payment – no commentators, contractors, gamers… And the people responsible just cut all ties to anyone and people were unable to contact them.  And that is why Edge tech was created. Because that problem could be avoided if they were using Edge. That is the beauty of this technology, it will make everything safer.