Asia’s Largest Internet Café Expands To The UK

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The well known and popular place for esports betting Wanyoo Café will create a virtual social hub in London where they will enjoy in games’ tournaments and competitions. The fantastic setting, as well as the location, are the additional attributes that boost the success of this café, but there is an even better reason to visit the UK and London. All of those who have an interest csgo bets and especially in League Of Legends should head there and get their seat ready for the upcoming event! This is going to be the first event held by this café, and you can expect to see the best players compete for GBP 3.000!

About The Café

This is not an ordinary internet café that offers gaming services with the addition of the full list of refreshments! With its 495 square meters, the café offers the extraordinary gaming services with the full of list of available refreshments like soft drinks or coffee. Although this café is very popular in Asia, it was not so popular in Europe until its opening in January, where it experienced the expansion and total excitement of the gaming population. Not only it is big and very efficient but is also located in the center of London’s West End, at the crossroad of China town, Covent Garden and Charing Cross Road. The younger gaming population absolutely adores this place, especially from the moment they have heard of the upcoming event but also on few more that we will keep as a surprise.

They will remain unrevealed as we only “heard through the grapevine” about the potential events from the owners of this café. As we must keep the confident information away from the public, we can promise that we will inform about these on time, when the time comes and everything is confirmed.

The LOL Championship

The cup will start on March 9th and last till April 7th, when it is a final day or a final fight to say, and the first round will be an online competition that is designed as the qualifying stage, while the second round takes place offline and acts as the final round. The competition pool is GPB 3,000, where each team must pay an entrance fee, while the winning team takes 50% of the pot, while 33.3% and 16.7% goes to the second and third place. The competition teams consist of five regular players, with the two substitutes as reserve players. The BO1 system is used through a group stage, the BO3 is used for a knockout phase and BO5 system for the semifinals and finals. All the games will follow LoL Championships rules under the supervision of gaming experts in Wanyoo café, providing live streaming on Twitch and Panda TV.

Since Wanyoo has been successful with the marketing and overall success in Asia, they have decided to launch a social platform in the UK where the game enthusiasts could interact and exchange experience. The ultimate goal is to create an LoL gaming hub in order to expand the list of gamers and thus increase the promotion. In the end, the communication, as well as the direct support and involvement, will influence overall esports scene in the UK and expand it. According to the officials, we can expect to see a steady rise of cafes of this type, throughout the whole UK, which is the final objective of the entire organization. Once they expand it, it is going to have a strong and connected bond between esports enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy in LoL.

The registration of teams for the upcoming event is opened till March 1st when the registration is officially closed. Hurry up and register your team and attend the completion! Win it, and explore London as the real and proud Canadian LoL player!


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