Best eSports Betting Site: Our Experience

best eSports betting website

There is a continued interest in online wagers, and with disruptive technologies continuing to manifest in this arena, those who have been waging their money on it as well as people interested in the same can expect the best. In fact, things keep getting easier, and the convenience that comes with uploading funds means more people are getting involved in the online gaming craze. Also, many platforms where bettors can wage their money are coming up, thus, finding the best eSports betting website will no longer trouble anyone who wants to make CSGO bet, Dota 2 bet and many others games.

The Stakes are High

However, as people continue to show interest in eSports, the stakes are getting higher with every passing day. More platforms to wager on, more games to choose from and exceptional rewards means risks associated with eSports wagers also keep soaring. The growth of online gaming continues to trigger such volatility as never witnessed before, especially among vulnerable bettors who are still new in this arena.

It is to say, even as people put lots of money on eSports gaming, the uncertainty associated with it keeps many worried and doubtful about outcomes. And despite many waging platforms providing bettors with easy to understand interfaces and ever-growing wager markets, it doesn’t get any better for clueless bettors. Thus, it is imperative that one finds a platform that is both transparent and trustworthy. This way, you do not take such risk as putting your money on questionable sportsbooks that do not give an assurance of a winner takes it all.

Questions Every Bettor Must Ask

Before giving an eSports platform a clean bill of health, while also taking into consideration risks associated with it, ask and find reliable answers to the following questions:

·       Deposits and withdrawals: How long does it take to reflect in a wager’s account?

When it takes ages for waging deposits to reflect in your eSports account, one starts thinking that some shoddy deals might be going on with their money. The best eSports betting site is that where your deposit reflects almost instantly. Also, it should provide bettors with an array of despot money options such as virtual wallets, ACH transfer, cash deposits, wire transfer and any other.

·       Can I trust the website?

Even the best eSports betting website can turn out fraudulent, and before you know it, money is lost to some Ponzi scheme that engages in money laundering. Trust should, therefore, be premised on experience either on your end or from a third party, regulation and social proof.  Also, you can research, say, by betting an amount of money you are ready to lose and see how things turn out.

·       Available betting markets: Are they genuine?

Before you can settle on what you believe is the best eSports betting site, compare and analyze the markets and prices/odds that many other waging platforms offer. However, do understand that prices may shift upwards or downwards depending on market risks and the number of bids on a game.

·       Are there rewards and promotional offers?

Here, find out if promotions, discounts, cash backs and offers are genuine. While some websites give new sign-ups free bets, bonuses, VIP membership offers, the big question remains: will you be able to withdraw earnings resulting from sign-up virtual money or the withdraw money button will remain inactive until you pay for such welcome bonuses?

Legal concerns

Esport online gambling has been around for many years, except that with more advanced technologies such as data encryption, it is gaining more popularity than ever before. Regarding the legality, it is noteworthy that wagers on eSports games are lawful in those countries where the government permits gambling in other sports.

At present many countries are in the process of legalizing online esports betting, so, probably, we will have clear regulations very soon.