EDG And G2 Exceed The Expectations At The League Of Legends World Championship

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The League of Legends World Championship has brought us a lot of surprises in esports realm, and many results were not expected, to be honest. Many people bet on LOL and win real money. The last day was quite exciting because the favorite teams in groups A and B managed to win in Seoul, South Korea. The League of Legends and EU LCS fans can rest easy because EDG and G2 won within their groups and scored number one place. This was a remarkable spectacle, which made many viewers on edge and not only that the entire situation didn’t affect the spectators only, but also the best esports betting site representatives because they weren’t sure about the outcome of the matches. But, let’s review the gameplay and see how everything happened from the first hand so we could recreate a bit of atmosphere from the competition.

Edward Games

The EDG team began competition hesitantly, but they managed quickly to overturn the game. Later, during the match, they became blinded by the arrogance and fear, or they were afraid that they would lose the game without the leadership of Ming “Clearlove7” Kai, tried to execute the force, causing team fights. But, this strategy backfired and did not work as they have thought it would.  Of course, they already established a considerable lead before this match, and that was expected from them none the less. However, the Infinity opponents managed to spice up things a little bit afterwards and make things a bit uncertain.

Sergio “Cotopaco” Silva and Jose “Relic” Pombo decided it’s a “pay time” and took back-to-back 5-0 beginning at 25 minutes. This made things exciting in group A. During the competition, EDG bounced back against Dire Wolves. The two teams, Dire Wolves and Oceanic Pro started the tournament with promising results in the beginning. But, unfortunately, their success was a bit shorter, and Infinity stopped them, and again they were eliminated from another World Championship.

Even though Dire Wolves lost, we should pay respect to Infinity and praise their calms and controlled game. Infinity would occasionally lose control, but they never hesitated to make aggressive moves to get back in the leaning position. This year’s World Championship was a sad end for Dire Wolves. Renato “Renyu” Gallegos managed to beat all five Wolves’ players and cement the Infinity’s win.

G2 Esports

In the meantime, Supermassive managed to secure a safe win and beat a European giant G2, with a 2-0 record in the second group. However, the G2 will soon settle the score by defeating the Supermassive in a group play.

At the end of the esports competition, the group B lineup was expected. G2 leaning on the top, Supermassive right behind them. They have presented an excellent performance, as well as skills, but that wasn’t enough to bring them a win within the group and make them much fierce in the eyes of the opponent’s teams. The Ascension Gaming finished the competition without a chance to make any significant progress at all.

Looking ahead to determine what teams will make to the World’s Group Stage, we have to say that lineup will be very challenging. First of all, the G2 will face the Infinity, EGD will take on DetonationN FocusesMe, and Supermassive will get a chance to prove its abilities against G-Rex team, which is by some experts, one of the best teams at the moment in esports. We expect the matches to be spectacular, interesting, full of uncertainty and fans will be able to follow everything on Saturday. So, may the best team wins.