eSports: from the bottom, into the mainstream


The time has finally come for the gamers to leave their basements and reveal their true power to the world. With the esports disciplines becoming more and more popular and gaming being a multi-billion industry, gamers are no longer a sort of an obscure social group, they are economic power to be reckoned with, and the professional esports gamers make hell-loads of money playing video games.

Esports is becoming a real thing, at times, even more real than traditional sports with millions of fans watching the games around the world and companies investing millions into championships. As it was demonstrated during the Wichita eSports Convention, esports is becoming much more than just fun for nerds and the LAN parties in the basement. The esports grew up from the basements, and today they have the potential to surpass the popularity of even the most popular of the traditional sports.

As Chancy Moberly says, esports and online games are a sort of an escapism technique that allows people to run away from the boring reality of their day-to-day lives. You wake up, go to the work you probably don’t even like, work all day, get tired, come back home, and at this point, the only thing to get some relief is the escape from reality. Video games give you exactly that, you can get away from the real problems for at least a couple of hours a day and explore a variety of exciting fictional worlds.

How eSports Helps People

Esports, at the same time, become the mean to satisfy people’s desire to compete. People love competition; they find satisfaction in besting the others and triumphing over the foes. That is why video games that allow for the competition between multiple players are so much more exciting than the games that just let you compete against the environment, which is ultimately designed to lose one way or another. Eventually, as much as in any other kind of competition, there are those who just like to watch and enjoy the show. That is how there emerge esports bet services, which let the spectators place some bet on either of the competing teams. People love competition, and of course, there are those who’d like to make some money on that competitive esports.

The popularization of the esports can be attributed to the development of the new titles in the genre. Like 10 years ago, players only had CS or Dota, maybe a couple more, and nowadays, there are dozens of titles to any liking. Players can choose from a wide variety of titles in almost any genre imaginable; and as a result, there are millions of people who would pay to watch these championships live, invest in them, and place some bets on their favorite players.

Esports is already a powerful industry, and it is surely bound to become even more popular. With the development of virtual reality and augmented reality devices, video games are making the next huge step on their way to becoming a predominant entertainment among people around the world. It basically means that video games and esports will surely become the next most popular entertainment surpassing movie industry.

It is safe to say that the future of esports and video games as a whole is bright, and the new technologies will take those games to a whole another level in the nearest future. Either you are a gamer or just a spectator, there is much new coming our way in the nearest future, and we are up to some real fun. The following decade will see the rise of the esports as one of the predominant entertainments in the world. Esports have gotten out of the basement, and now they are ready to take over the world. It is probably the best time for the new young players to start their careers in esports, so go for it and try yourself in various disciplines.


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