eSports Team Owners and Professionals are Expecting a Market Correction

League of Legends Betting

There is a huge consensus among esports insiders that most of the organizations handling these sports are just overvalued; hence, a correction regarding their market valuation is something that we should expect soon. Games like League of Legends are quite popular, which involve a great deal of esports betting. However, it doesn’t relate to the actual valuation of an esports organization. During the last two years, when conventional sports teams began acquiring the organizations related to esports, people have grown more expectations regarding the bright future of this gaming platform.

But there is a dark side to it, as the spending pressures are growing much faster than the revenue. Let’s take a close look at how things are turning around for esports and betting sites like League of Legends Betting.

What Should we Expect?

Most probably, we are going to see some ups and downs in the months ahead. According to experts, this may prove detrimental for the less popular organizations and game titles. In this scenario, some of them would lower their valuation and return to capital markets with a view to deal with the menace of negative cash flow. The industry associated with esports betting is not immune from this gloomy impact.

Numerous organizations, which handle one or two competition teams with a unique brand name, they have gained the attention of a wide range of investors in the recent past. But the major share was taken away by the esports organizations such as OpTic Gaming TSM and Cloud9.

Challenges Faced by Organizations e.g., League of Legends

Since the revenue isn’t flourishing as expected, the organizations having no other hard assets are vulnerable to various economic issues. The Twitch viewership had given a positive response by drawing most of the investment. Overwatch and League of Legends, have been successful in establishing properties more quickly than OWL. Especially, when it comes to esports betting the USA.

But at the moment, the system doesn’t have enough revenue to fuel these organizations for coming years. In fact, the annual revenue for most of the teams is not crossing seven figures. In addition, a combination of an abrupt inflow of investment and an unorganized workforce has caused a dramatic increase in the labor cost. This has forced a few teams to think about investing their capital in some other business venture.

Hence, they must look into the prospects of these teams and re-evaluate their worth. There are some optimistic investors, who want to stay in the game, as they are thinking of gaining desired worth in the near future. Their best bet is to engage some globally renowned team brands such as the popular la Manchester United.

People involved in online betting are more interested in sites like League of Legends. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that they don’t pay attention to the reevaluation stories.

Valuation Issue and Expectations

According to esports evangelists, it’s not fair to make a conclusion at this stage. However, it has been under discussion between some advisers and investors during their private meetings. This fact has been agreed upon unanimously that the organizations and team management should think seriously about the returns they are getting.

Esports teams have appeared to be more traditional than it should be, stated Steven Cohen, who is serving AEG as a chief strategy officer. Theoretically, these organizations have grown in terms of their fan base, but in reality, the fundamentals are quite different. They have lagged behind in gaining a reputation of a distinctive and popular brand.

This is the area where a strong emotional connection is established between the fans, which also takes the shape of a long-term relationship with sponsors as well. However, this would take more than expected time in given circumstances, where the team owners are asking their sponsors to spend more than their actual assets.

Are there any chances of Growth for Small Entities like League of Legends betting?

In theory, the organizations associated with esports have taken great advantage of the combination of both technology and sports. However, those who are still optimistic, they stress on the combination of initial tech multiples and value augmentation of those sports franchises who exhibit high-growth.

When talking about the key variable, no one could suggest how many of such organizations can gain a similar position as Manchester United holds. League of Legends betting, proving to be at its best, but it would take some time to be a strong competitor. On the contrary, the unexpected increase in valuation is serving as an impediment, which limits franchise opportunities.

For instance, Echo Fox that is owned by Rick Fox (former NBA star), has reduced the number of game players to a great extent in the Call of Duty and Gears of War teams. According to different sources, some organizations are also thinking of trimming their teams before moving into 2019.

Corrections are Good

In fact, things don’t always go up, and there comes a time when you must look back a bit and made some corrections to your entity’s exaggerated worth. In the words of Sepso, the revenue strain is not that bad, and it is expected to see investors and sponsors adding more dollars. However, at first, these organizations have to face reality and must think about the much-needed monetization.

Some investors still believe that esports enthusiasts are not ‘bubbles’ and they will stay committed to their favorite teams.” Moreover, the factor of esports betting is also there to build the level of interest. This strengthens the idea that the gaming culture is going to survive in the future, especially in the landscape of American entertainment.


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