How Does Expectation Help Betting On Esports?

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You can use expectation as a strategy to bet on eSports tournaments like Dota 2, Overwatch, and LoL and win big. But, let’s face it. Whether it is winning pinnacle eSports bet, there are always risks involved. Thus, you must get your act together, including getting armed to the teeth with tips that will help you win from a stake or risk watching your bankroll go down the drain.

Given that there is no central eSports regulatory body, you would, therefore, expect nothing but a murky gaming sphere where losing is easier than winning. However, with more people coming into the picture as controllers of online gaming, most of whom are former and present players, bettors are now contemplating a possibility of League of Legends and other cyber sports tournaments featuring in 2030 Olympics.  Will it be possible? Well, that’s a topic for another day.

Expectation: Top Considerations in eSports Betting

Before taking a look at how you can use expectation to wager on CS:GO or Dota 2, Starcraft, and among others, there are important considerations to make such as the following:

  • Choose the right bookmarker like Betway that will not slash your profits.
  • Choose a suitable staking method, say, using an entire bankroll which is a quite risky, a fixed wager, martingale, Fibonacci or any others.
  • It is also important to do enough background study/research about teams set to go against each other before betting. This way, you will always make informed selections.
  • Use the information to your advantage and stay ahead of bookmarkers.
  • It is important to measure success because by it you can calculate profit and loss margins.

Mistakes to Avoid When Wagering on Expectations Include:

  • Avoiding staking when you’re emotional.
  • Chain logic doesn’t always work. Say, if Team A always beat Team B and the latter beat Team C, it does not mean A is the titan of all victors. Look for vital pieces of information that might influence the outcome of an eSports tournament such as rest days, injuries and weather.
  • Don’t be fooled by odd lines/variations. They are merely probable outcomes based on bookmarker calculations.
  • Avoid staking on all or every CS:GO games because you feel the stronger team will never lose. Whether you wager against perceived underdogs or victors, you must get your probability calculations right and stake at a time when it is most favourable.

Importance of Expectation in eSports

The expectation is about having a strong belief, presumption or projection of how an eSports tournament will end. But, come to think about it. Do such presumptive calculations help in cyber sports? The truth is that many people have won Dota 2 bets based on forecasts, but, it is not always going to work unless you know how it works.

Given that expectation is a mathematical probability, using it to wager on eSports works in the following ways:

  • It helps you calculate the probable chances of winning and losing on a bet. Take, for instance, the expected winning percentage of in Overwatch is 74.6. It means, you if you stake a hundred times, there are 75% winning chances and 25 losing probability.
  • It also works on the premise of a team’s form, usually on winning and losing rate based on previous matches.
  • Moreover, betting on expectations makes it easy to calculate odd variations based on a team’s/player’s away and home record/form. Say, Team B in Dota 2 tournament always wins 90% of home matches and lose 75% of away events. It means, your chances of winning as a visiting team are only 25%.
  • You can also use presumptions to bet on eSports by taking into consideration time an event will take place, and how it often affects a team, expected fan turnout, weather and fatigue.


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