Review of the Latest News in the World of eSports February 2019

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PUBG perhaps a tiny immature youngster in the esports business but the sport has absolutely made a huge user base from all over the world. As this sport is still young in the esports genre, there are few esport betting sites presenting any chances for it. Nonetheless, Bet365 Group Ltd., one of the well-known and booming bookmakers in the marketplace, has declared its arrangements for forthcoming PUBG tournaments gambling.

PUBG Betting on Esports Tournaments

Developed by the Korean studio Bluehole, PUBG is a name all esports enthusiast is known with. It is very addictive, and pubg betting sites have mostly contributed to popularizing the genre Battle Royale. It is a passionate sports variant for shooters, where up to 100 participants fight for their existence. Version 1.0 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) went online on March 23, 2017.

One of South Korea’s aged esports tournament planners, OGN, is collaborating with PUBG Corp for the formation of North America’s primary PUBG professional league. Huge leagues like PUBG Europe League have guaranteed a reward collection of up to $1 Million, which is certain to draw loads of media awareness and hence enhance the betting odds of accessibility of online betting.

The Global Championship PUBG 2019 will be openly observed as it will be the main sports event of the year. The opening time will come to a successful conclusion with a return collection of $2 million. These types of occasions are specifically forecasted by the devotees of the sport as a good quantity of the worth mentioning bookmakers will agree to permit soaring chances for smooth gambling.

Key Statistics of Esports Business

The esports commerce is progress that hints no signal of holding back. Professional sports tournaments are loading giant stadiums globally, while a great number of audiences tune in at house to observe the top players fight it out in their favorite sports. As more investments are made, sponsorship budgets raise and more developers drive an esports series, the commerce keeps on the rise from strength to strength – even sporting giants, for example, Formula 1, FIFA and the NFL are getting concerned. In 2017, there were 588 main events that made an anticipated $59 million in ticket revenues.

2018 was a gigantic year for now billion-dollar eSports trade. Worldwide spectators will total 380 million in 2018. This can be broken down into 165 million fans and 215 million infrequent and so-called audiences. The popular and entertaining sports all alone have attained over $300 million in prize money to date. As per Newszoo’s 2018 Global Esports Market Report, the industry is expected to be worth almost one billion dollars within the next year – that’s a year-on-year raise of an enormous 38%. Additionally, Newszoo guesses that by 2019, 427 million audiences globally will be enjoying esports (through ESPN).

2019 esports Policies for Chinese esports Prospect

Blizzard and Chinese tech business NetEase, have revealed their 2019 esports procedures for Blizzard’s Chinese esports standpoint. The policy integrates Warcraft 3, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and StarCraft 2.

Warcraft 3 will witness the leading booster of prize collection with ¥5M RMB (£670,000), on the block across a chain of various incidents. NetEase will carry on its Gold series for Warcraft 3 together with the opening of latest series as well as tournaments. The progress comes after Blizzard reported a very much expected remaster of Warcraft 3 at BlizzCon titled Warcraft 3: Reforged. The information will be a huge boost for Chinese Warcraft 3, while as well giving supporters outside of the area expect that WC3 esports has a bright future.

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