Sure Bets: How Do They Work And Where To Get Them?

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Esports betting is much like life. You must make sure that you take all risks necessary in order for you to achieve the goal you are looking for.  With value and sure bets, you are certain that there is no gambling without risks. Well, it is not completely risk-free, but it is “safer” for the more conservative people.

Before you start, you need to understand that using any playing method, you are not completely certain of a win. Sure bets require participants to make some calculated predictions. These predictions must be as realistic as possible to guarantee that you will get the highest payoff. These strategies are great because they allow participants to reduce some risks through the statistical analysis of the betting odds being betted on. If they are taken to the extreme as stated in pinnacle betting review, they are not betting strategies. Instead, they are an investment plan and payoffs can be about 100% certain.

What is a Value Bet?

It is a bookmaker under-estimates of likelihood of an event happening. In such cases, the odds suggest that an event will happen, but it is not as likely in reality. The vents that need to be satisfied for it to be a sure bet is whether the bookmaker is likely to have assigned to an event that is lower. In such instances, the rewards are too high in relation to bet’s risks, and thus it is a value bet.

When specific odds are assigned to a match by a depending on the probability that the event will happen. These odds have a price that the better will pay out. The price varies depending on the likelihood of the event happening. For instance, if an event is not likely to happen, the reward will be greater. The bookmaker’s job is to keep the odds high and to get bettors. However, the bets should never be too high that the payouts are too many. The calculations are not easy and, in some cases, if a bookmaker makes a small mistake, the players get sure bets.  In such cases, the winnings are higher than actual risk being taken.

How is it Calculated?

For you to truly get a value bet, you must estimate the likelihood of the event occurring. While it is quite rewarding, calculating them is tricky and requires a lot of subjective interpretation of the probability of events happening.

For you to be truly objective, you must eliminate your gut feeling and work with reality. You must analyze all the factors involved and weigh their importance and have a real conclusion of the probability of all the outcomes happening. Here are a few formulas that you can use to make things clearer.

Negative and Positive Odds

Positive odds occur if the results are greater than 100 as a spotted value bet.

The formula is: ((100/ absolute value of odds)+1)* estimated probability> 100

For negative odds, the results are greater than corresponding to a value bet. The appropriate formula would be:

((odds/100)+1)*estimated probability > 100

It will help you determine your chance of victory. You must understand that value betting can be a long-term strategy. With the right calculations, you can get great rewards. However, you must be very careful. Just because a bookmaker gives higher value to certain events does not mean that they are likely to happen. Using right strategy, a better bankroll grows artificially fast or drains at the same speed. It will all depend on your appreciation of probabilities that are linked to the outcome.


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