The Upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 looks like a winner!


Mortal Kombat 11 short review

The year 2015 saw the release of the successful Mortal Combat X, which scored well with critics and quickly sold over five million copies! This eSports-style game by NetherRealm Studios saw the use of the Unreal Engine 3, where Mortal Kombat XI uses the Unreal Engine 4. This new game was released on April 23, 2019 in North America and Europe, although a Switch version in Europe has been delayed until May 10th.

So, what’s the big, new game like? Reports from people who were able to play the Mortal Kombat XI earlier this year suggest they felt lucky at the prospect of having this early peek at the game. One eSports gamer spent the entire weekend playing the new Mortal Kombat game. He said that the beta version was both fun and cool. The opportunity to play came from a closed beta test performed from March 27th – 31st, of this year. The game’s beta was offered on the PS4 and the Xbox One. How did someone get to be part of this rare opportunity? You had to have pre-ordered the game AND you needed to have received a special key. This is what happened with one lucky player, who got to wade ankle-deep into blood and gore for the weekend. He said that he was overjoyed with this opportunity!

The obvious question to ask is: what was in the beta test? Well, understand that these beta tests are early versions of the game, and so, they don’t have all the bells and whistles that the final product will have. They are sent to testers for the sole purpose of working out any issues in the game and especially to see if the players find any bugs that they weren’t aware of. They do look for feedback, but a beta test really isn’t meant to be a preview. Having said that, it is what you get if you’re chosen! The beta version of the game doesn’t have a big population of fighters in it. The player was a little disappointed to find that there were only five fighters available in the game, at that time. They were, incidentally, Barak, Jade, Kabal, Scarlet, and Scorpio.

There were three battle arenas available and the game had two areas of play. The first was a small tower with five opponents. The second was the multiplayer mode, which had one-on-one matches available. An expected training level was surprisingly omitted from this version of the game. The result was a bit of confusion with gameplay in the beginning, although most people did eventually figure it out. An error was found in the game early on as that Friday saw two characters hastily removed from the game. The two characters, Kabbalah and Jade, were returned the following morning, though. What was more concerning for the players was that the single mode was actually turned off that same night before returning the next day, as well.

On the subject of graphics, the players of the beta test found them to be exquisite. The use of the Unreal Engine 4 made for a stunning experience. Motion-capture was used to animate the characters’ faces, which made them look realistic and natural. This new, smoother experience has helped to make the battle moves look real and the gore to be as disturbing as it should be.

MK XI Gameplay

The gameplay of Mortal Kombat XI has changed. It’s now become focused on strategy and tactics. Not only that, but in the past you could do up to a thirty hit combination, but that’s now been reduced to a maximum of about ten. The game developers have changed their emphasis from a big brawl to something more planned-out for the player. This results in greater tactical analysis for the participant in addition to proper placement and positioning in the arena. The AI of the enemies has also improved with your opponent now able to know better what you’re going to do next, improving gameplay. Make no mistake, as in this game you are punished for your mistakes, and so is your opponent.

There are new combinations in the game, one of them that’s likely to be popular is “Crushing Blow”. There are also certain hits that will result in certain consequences for your enemy, or perhaps, for you. One can activate a neat X-ray mode, which will give you the ability to see what certain hits do to your opponent internally. These special blows have unique qualities and generally do more damage than others. For example, Baraka can cause internal bleeding, which will sap your health for an extended period of time. Scorpio has a special hit that can send you flying with a crushed liver!

Crushing Blow, itself, is the most readily accessible movement in the game and can deal a great deal more damage than other moves. What’s most interesting about crushing blow is that it’s actually a general term for a series of moves that are different for every character. So, what the crushing blow does for one fighter can be completely different for another character! Not only that, but because they differ from fighter to fighter, there are also different ways to activate them.

This game also has two indicators for your character. These two indicators are defensive and offensive. The terms are pretty self-explanatory so that we won’t go into the definitions here. This isn’t new, but the beta version does highlight certain features of these indicator bars.

First, at the beginning of the round, both these indicator bars are at one hundred percent. They don’t have to increase with the fight; they’re full from the beginning. These bars will also regain energy on their own.

Second, you can now spend points from the bars to avoid further damage to yourself.


And, that’s was our peek at Mortal Kombat XI, which we are certain will be popular with fans and eSports betting enthusiasts alike. As mentioned before, this game became available for purchase and download on April 23, 2019.

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